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Organizations that control the world

Updated on August 23, 2010

I remember a movie that was released last year called ‘The International’, staring Clive Owen and was directed by Tom Tykwer about a man who wanted to stop an organization that controlled countries and the world. Almost the same concept was used ‘Casino Royal’ and ‘the Quantum Solace’ staring Daniel Craig. Both organizations in the movie were rooted deep in power and economies of powerful countries and they were working their ways to be influential decision makers in other countries. These countries were more powerful than the United Nations but their existence was so secret, British Secret Service never heard of them (that’s in James Bond). In the end, Clive Owen stopped a man working for the company and was promoted (Note that he didn’t stop the company. They just killed some top officials in the organization and new once put in. Which means the organization lived on) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) stopped a top official in the organization but in the end the British Secret Service had started learning about the organization and maybe in future they’ll make a James Bond movie where they would be stopped.

I enjoyed both movies but they got me thinking about the possibilities of the existence of such or organizations, rooted deep into global economy to be almost indestructible. I’m not saying such organizations are evil but if they do exist, they can’t be good. How bad they are, I can’t say but they can’t be good because their first interest would me either making more money or acquiring more power and they’ll be rooted in so many powerful countries, they can’t be brought down.

An example of such an organization and everyone knows about them is the ‘World Bank’. I know enough about the banking industries to know what expect the activities of a bank should be but the activities of the World Bank is not quite the same. I get they are World Bank and so many countries have their money and investment in them and I understand if that makes that should make their activities a little different but they have too much control over too many country (including mine).

One way they get these countries is by loans that the country may never be able to pay but they collect interest two times worth the loan in a period of four years and they keep collecting interest. Nigerian Former President Olusegun Obasanjo agreed in the debt relief agreement that World Bank will have an open right to make decisions in our economy which to me is soooo wrong. Painfully Nigeria is back collecting loans we can’t pay from this organization and back paying interest and all that. i know there are many other organizations like that, they’ll even be involved in Humanitarian Work and they’ll get the media involved so the whole world will know and all that but they are making huge profits and controlling countries decision making that they shouldn’t be involved in in the first place.


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "One way they get these countries is by loans that the country may never be able to pay but they collect interest two times worth the loan in a period of four years and they keep collecting interest." - You nailed the point here! Exactly.

      This is what is going on right now. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is trying to drown the entire world in debt. From Greece to Italy, to Great Britain, United States, Canada and so on, the World Bank is trying to implement austerity measures to cripple the middle class and turn the masses into indebted peasants. That way they can be controlled easier.

      This plan is not working well though. People have been rising-up and going on the streets all over the world. There are uprisings in Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America ... the entire world is waking-up and seeing through the facade of the World Bank and the New World Order System. People are not buying-in anymore. The World-wide Revolution has begun! Cheers.