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Origin Theories Bleed Scandal

Updated on July 4, 2016

Enough with Trump & Hillary

Three hubs later and I am drowning in political scandal and social imbalance. So I thought for this next hub I would take on our origin story. An elegant mass of conspiracy theories centralize on our beginnings. I myself have been pulled between two very popular origin theories. The one I learned in school; the big bang theory and evolution. And the one I learned in church; the biblical Genesis, Adam and Eve - all the Sunday school goodies. Even with all the origin theories I most often go in a fury over these two. I have poured into both theories with a vicious hunt to satisfy a curious soul. I have looked at both over multiple disciplines and still just cannot "pick a side" as they say. I know I am irreligious. I could never go into a religion so tampered with by human hands. But nature is unspoiled. I enjoy the simple art of observing the universe without interpreting why it is there. Or our purpose here. They are questions I don't expect to be answered so I just learn. Every now and again I become extremely existential and feel fury over not having the true answers. Its alot like the feeling I am meant for more. Where does that come from? Why is that thought in me enough it affects the way I view my life and role as a human being?
Deities perplex me. I have spent alot of years wondering how there can be so many. Deities track in origin stories in multitude. Have you ever researched the firsts? Ill show you some interesting things.

Is the Truth out there?

I do not have Satan in me. I do not believe in satan, the hebrew god, and I am sure I will face judgement over this. I always do. Christians are my harshest critics. People in my family do not believe me when I tell them. So I do not tell them. But here I am Ajax and I am free. I get to say what I want.
So the freedom my beliefs allow is the ability to look at every subject of study from multiple disciplines and views objectively. I do not feel a grand mission to spread my system or fear damnation. I do not attack others on issues religion offensive. And I do not have to wonder for the "life of my soul" I just know something intrigues me about it all and humans have used deities and religion to control and I will not be controlled. Admitting I am a slave to many even if I am trying to wake up myself. I want to show you the theories. Are you committed to an origin story? What do you believe?

And then there was God.

Science has its own theories on the origin of life.
But before science, when the earliest of our species set around fires we looked up. What did we see? The stars. Many of the earliest gods and deities were hunters and gatherers watching the stars because we started to recognize patterns in the stars relative to earth, seasons, nature, and crops. We started naming constellations and praying to sky fathers. As we evolved into civilizations our human birth story shaped into a storm of belief systems, questions of purpose, folklore, system control, social identity, and war. Conflicting religious beliefs fuel controversy and agenda which ultimately leads to conspiracy. What conspiracies do I refer to? Ill show you.

Control Conspiracy - Fear Blasphemy

How much of our history has included the extraordinary manipulation of religious ideas and text to control the masses? Would this not be the ultimate of conspiracy; the most damning of things to religion. We are told to not question the great authorities and masses have died trying to expose religions most haunting secrets. Our origin tales are linked in all this peril. How could we ever really know what happened and how can we continue to hate and fight if we are all wrong in our own ways? We stand on soap boxes with issues our beliefs shape. We are just lost in another diversion; another control system. Our religious beliefs divide us like so many other issues the world Elite buries on us to keep us looking one way while they work their agenda.

Buddha Most Enlightened?

Why would I focus on this line of conspiracy theories with all the other juicy mysteries out there? I told you, my wolves, we are going to identify and study our control systems. I am just showing you a biggie whether you like it or not. Our obsession over who is right and wrong and those who utilize religion to their own agenda distract us from primal survival and instinct as a species. Flowing into a mass illusion draws into a collective of belief and then we spread that belief not even knowing anything about it. Or we adapt and change it then slap a new label on it; so birthes a new faction and or denomination; cult. Buddha perhaps had it most correct with the 14 questions.

The 14 Questions Buddha implored; Ask Not

Do not concern yourself with these things encouraged Buddha.

According to their subject matter the questions can be grouped in four categories.

Questions concerning the existence of the world in time
1. Is the world eternal?

2. ...or not?

3. ...or both?

4. ...or neither?

(Pali texts omit "both" and "neither")

Questions concerning the existence of the world in space
5. Is the world finite?

6. ...or not?

7. ...or both?

8. ...or neither?

(Pali texts omit "both" and "neither")

Questions referring to personal identity
9. Is the self identical with the body?

10. ...or is it different from the body?

Questions referring to life after death
11. Does the Tathagata (Buddha) exist after death?

12. ...or not?

13. ...or both?

14. ...or neither?

Source Wikipedia

Buddha remained silent when asked these fourteen questions. He described them as a net and refused to be drawn into such a net of theories, speculations, and dogmas. He said that it was because he was free of bondage to all theories and dogmas that he had attained liberation. Such speculations, he said, are attended by fever, unease, bewilderment, and suffering, and it is by freeing oneself of them that one achieves liberation.

Immigration V Assimilation - Drowning in Beliefs

America is a holy battlefield. Perhaps to ever see past this we should set away all blinders. Patriotism begs for it. Our country is much to divided. There is a large difference between immigration and assimilation. We have been overcome by religious diversity that an American value system is fissuring amoung the strain of multiple cultures and belief systems. I beg you to put aside belief and just suck in knowledge without no other purpose but to stregthen the mind. Resolve to understand the role these things have played in our history and how our future will be shaped by our control systems. The informed citizen masters all level of thought for fear of apathy and ignorance.


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