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Origin of State

Updated on April 30, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

Origin of State

These are the theories on the origin of state as have been formed and developed as a result of the political thought and philosophy in the ancient time until the enlightenment period in Europe.

1. Natural Theory. The social urge of the human being to be within a group of people in the community as in sociology describes that “man is a social being.” The social group provides the political development to stay and work together with common standard law in the community later on transform as a state.

2. Patriarchal Theory. The origin of the state evolves from the enlargement of family under the authority of the parents or the elders. Later on, it will develop into a tribe, kingdom then state.

3. Force Theory. The creation of the state through the constant war and invasion of the great warriors in the ancient time dominated the weak that later on formed a state.

4. Divine Right Theory. The rulers of the past advocated the political dominance of authority and power through their own ordained mandate that they represented the state as on the basis of the divine right ( as God created the state).It was in this nature that the divine rights of kings has the absolute power and influence over the subjects.

5. Social Contract Theory. This is the right of the people to have the deliberate and voluntary contract on the right to overthrow the kings and rulers against corrupt governance to organize a new government with common interest for all the people.


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      Syeda Batool 2 years ago

      It was so knowledgeable,I like those people who use their mind in literature.This hoby helpful for her/him self and other people's like students.

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      badilla Hansel 2 years ago

      This was so amazing,you can totally learn a lot,the background reguarding political science . thank you