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Orlando's Brutual Rampage

Updated on June 12, 2016

Orlando shooting with the suspect named Omar Mir Seddique Mateen of Port St. Lucie, Florida age 29. Killing and injuring a total of 50 plus people. My heart goes out to the families and friends who have lost loved ones in this horrific crime. How horrible that someone would have that much hatred in their heart and inflict that kind of pain on so many (the families and loved ones of the victims). It feels so much like this was premeditated and planned out. Questions and the pointing of fingers will pour in all over social media as to why this man went on a mad rampage.

I am saddened that the suspect is not being looked at as an individual committing a crime. The media has already started on their investigative reporting to direct those gullible to believe everything they read and see to Mateen’s political party affiliation as if that should have any indication of why he did what he did. It is also to be believed that the suspect Omar Mateen was being looked at by the FBI. He’s in the database but not on a terrorist watch list. Omar’s father believes that his son's rampage was caused by seeing two men kissing in Miami. Which caused him to drive nearly 2 hours from his city to another city.

No persons should cause this much hate and anger to rise within someone to act in violence because of how they live their lives and or the fact that they are of a certain race and or religion. However, this world has proven that people just like Omar Mir Seddique Mateen exists. They have existed for centuries. Will he be the last? Absolutely not. We are moving into a direction of acting on your hate and your feelings even if it means taking lives.

Gun laws of today are unjustifiable

People don't understand that gun laws aren't to take away the rights to own a gun but to make sure that gun owners follow the laws to not distribute the guns they no longer want into the streets. It's also to enforce gun laws that even if you're not on a list within the federal bureau but in the database you shouldn't be allowed to carry a weapon and or own a weapon and carry it into establishments because you have a state license. (This is not confirmed that the suspect who shot up the club Pulse is the same Omar Mateen who has a license to carry his gun in the state of Florida) It should also be noted that Florida’s law states you don’t have to have a license to own a gun only to carry it? Again gun laws that doesn’t make sense but they exist. Continue to ask the question Why?

I don't want to be anywhere stupid people have the right to carry a weapon. One of the arguments on social media was that if gun laws allow people to carry weapons the suspect wouldn’t have been able to come in shooting up the place but what about those that has the right to carry a gun then become the terrorist? This is not the wild west. But the same gun toting, gun rights extremists are the same group of people that has carried the mindset of Omar Mir Seddique. They are one in the same such as Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Zimmerman stalked and followed this young man as he walked out of the store because of his belief of who Trayvon was because of Trayvon’s race and how he carried himself. What is the difference? Absolutely none. Same case just more deaths. This is the domino trickledown effect of how the hatred of others will continue to carry on. More lives will be affected by the way people think. When will this end? Change is needed now and it has absolutely nothing to do with someone’s political party affiliation. This was a hate crime by a man who believed in the superior, inferior complex that has destroyed humanity for centuries.


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