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Other News Other Than The Impeachment of President Trump

Updated on November 21, 2019

As the world turns.....

As President Trump begins to become concerned enough about the implications of his impeachment for abuse of power, obstruction, and bribery, he is summoning many senators to the WH to affirm their support regardless of what the inquiry shows. To impeach Trump, 20 Republicans will have to cross the line and vote with Democrats, which is a tall order. As the impeachment consumes all the news cycles in the USA, there are other events being buried that are huge.

The Other News

Hong Kong

Sometimes, Trump will do the right thing. This is one of one. China has warned the USA that it will take revenge upon the US in various ways IF the the American government passes the Hong Kong democracy bill that fully support the protesters in HK for the past five months. The Democracy Bill has passed the Senate and will pass Congress. Trump is expected to sign it despite the China trade deal being in danger. The bill states that HK will remain autonomous and that special U.S. trade considerations will continue. The bill also states that if China does violate the human rights and HK's autonomy, American sanctions will be imposed on China. China vowed if the bill is passed, China will take strong countermeasures against American interests in this area.

China already has it's elite terrorism unit in HK on humanitarian grounds and has Chinese police or military units actively in HK wearing HK police uniforms. As a result, police have killed 3-4 protesters and have been using force and torture on those seized, which are taken to China.


The war in Syria continues on. Israel responded to the numerous rockets from Hezbollah and Iran inside :Lebanon and Syria. In fact, Damascus was pounded with some 40 cruise missiles from Israel, targeting numerous Syrian and Iranian military targets. Russia has warned Israel to not over respond and stated that its radar indicated that IDF aircraft violated the Jordanian borders. Russia has been expanding its military presence in eastern Syria and have negotiated a 40-year deal with the Kurds to build expand an existing airfield into a military airbase to counter the American presence in the oil fields.

Australia On Fire

Like California has had to endure from wildfires, Australia's southern region has seen epic high temps reaching past 100F or more and winds similar to those that swept California. In the Victoria area, winds hit 100 km\hr and sparked over 60 fires in their Spring. Power loss to numerous towns and cities have continued as firefighters try to contain the hot spots. Some 80,000 homes loss power and some towns have been blanketed the areas with smoke and red dust. Smoke from the fires have created smokey conditions in Sydney. Many temperature records have broken 100-year records. While these fires are brush fires, few homes or loss of life have occurred, however, the dry conditions are creating huge problems for the residents impacted.

An Outer Space Weapon Killed King Tut

No joke. King Tut was killed with a knife, which was found in 1925 when his tomb was discovered and opened. It was not until recently that the composition of the knife was examined due to technology. The results were astonishing, in that, the composition of the blade was from a meteorite. The Egyptians were found to be able to track meteorites and that more material had been found in a grave along the Nile dating back to 3200 B.C. By matching the nickel levels of the blade, researchers noted that the material in the blade came from the Kharga meteorite, which weighed around two pounds and found in 2000.

Amazing detective work!


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