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Other Programs of The Clinton Foundation

Updated on May 22, 2016

Alliance for a Healthier Organization

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is, like the Clinton Health Access Initiative, a spun off organization from the Clinton Foundation and is also the sister organization to the Clinton Health Matters Initiative. Their goal is to reduce childhood obesity, a pressing problem in the United States. Some of their initiatives include advocating for better nutrition and increasing physical activity opportunities in juvenile justice systems through pilot initiatives in Arkansas and California and lobbying for corporations to improve kid’s health through industry agreement milestones. For example, McDonald’s partnered with the Alliance to commit to offering fruits and vegetables like apple slices as an alternative to French fries, offering alternative drinks like milk instead of soft drinks, and only showing water, milk, or juice as a beverage in their Happy Meal advertising and menu boards.

Clinton Foundation in Haiti

The Clinton Foundation is committed to helping rebuild Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. They have started a variety of initiatives in the island country like supporting Haitian artists, improving education for Haitian youth, and spurring private sector development. The Clinton Foundation has raised $36 million dollars, including relief funds, to help rebuild Haiti.

Day of Action

This is Chelsea Clinton’s idea after wanting to help out her home city of New York after Hurricane Sandy. Here, Foundation staff and other people in the community sign up for a day of volunteer work to make a specific area a better place to live. During the Health Matters Activation Summit in January 2015, Chelsea led volunteers to plant an orchard of citrus trees and beautify a park in Palm Springs, where the Summit was held. Chelsea and other volunteers also painted park benches in bright colors making the park more inviting for area children.

No Ceilings and Too Small to Fail

The brainchild of Secretary Clinton, No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project is a research project to quantify and measure the progress of women and girls around the world. It hopes to build a set of data to see how far we have to go for full world-wide gender equality. Too Small to Fail, a joint initiative with the nonprofit Next Generation, is an awareness campaign to help parents on how best to raise children from 0-5, one of the main formative stages in a person’s life. Too Small to Fail launched the “Talking is Teaching” campaign to let parents know of the importance of talking, reading, and singing to their kids. This initiative is trying to combat the “word gap” in lower income children where they hear fewer words during this formative stage compared to children in higher income families. Too Small to Fail partnered with Univision, a Spanish language television channel popular in the Hispanic community, to reduce the word gap through their “Pequeños los Valiocos” (“Young and Valuable”) media campaign. Through Too Small to Fail, Scholastic donated 500,000 books to be distributed by Reach Out and Read, an organization promoting childhood literacy.


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