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The Third Side of Medal - Europe, Look at This! Take a Look from Becej, city of Soja-Protein - exclussively for HubPage!

Updated on May 16, 2012

The landing

One small city... One small community, in one small country that everyone seems to forgot of. Let me land You in this story, in city called "Bečej" - autonomic province "Vojvodina", country: "Serbia" - South Eastern Europe. Most of You, probably don't know where have I "landed" You, but the main thing that You need is - YOU ARE IN EUROPE! "Wow" - is the first thing that I can here, from everyone outside of Europe. Well, let me guide trough one story, maybe too realistic and not so happy, but so truthful that You will question twice Yourself before You say: " I don't wanna live anymore, my life is .. I have nothing... " , especially:" I wish I was somewhere - anywhere - in Europe" . AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, I'VE MADE AN SHORT-DOCUMENTARY FILM CALLED "THE THIRD SIDE OF MEDAL" - TAKE A LOOK!

Center of the Bečej

City Council of Becej
City Council of Becej | Source
The "Statue of Liberty" in center of town.
The "Statue of Liberty" in center of town. | Source
The Orthodox Church, located also in center of town
The Orthodox Church, located also in center of town
Catholic Church, in center of the town, hundred meters far from the Orthodox one - represents the respect,tolerance, and equality among Serbian and Hungarian citizens.
Catholic Church, in center of the town, hundred meters far from the Orthodox one - represents the respect,tolerance, and equality among Serbian and Hungarian citizens. | Source

The background and history of town

I am not sure how to begin this journey...Do You have, more and more often, the feeling that World is changing constantly and more and more faster than "you can catch it" ? Do you have the feeling that You are loosing the touch with reality? Well, for all of you, I offer a great "step back to reality". I live in a constant-gray city, with population of 65:000 people. It is spreading, and becoming more and more developed since 2000, since "big revolution" in Serbia , on 5th of October.Now, most of people would ask me ,or them selfs:" Why am I spending my time on reading this, when it's obvious that this boy's live is going upwards...?They've had changes, they have now investments, they are closer to the EU now, they should became candidates on 5th of December...What is wrong?". Well, give me few minutes. I am the perfect example, the perfect one, that can retell you the "Third Side of Medal". Kids, are no more kids. The "system of values" is upside-down, the moral is greatly decreased, poverty is constant - it hasn't changed a bit to the better since 2000! Whenever I go the walk around city, I see the same picture every time, I hear the same STORY every time ; because there is no "news" anymore.The ideals that we believed in, once, are vanquished like they never existed! The youth is living outside of reality, constantly putting them in position that they see as a more comfort one. Constant drinking, and doing drugs is the only tool that youth of this small city keeps "living". We are not strangers to each-other here!This is not some metropolis! Everyone knows each-other, and let me try to put some of their stories in one, and paint a picture with words that you should share. In this town, in center of autonomic province "Vojvodina" - that back in 80's have had the strongest industry, big B.G.P per capita, great living standard, and constantly competing with Slovenia when it comes to living standard, is now one flat,gray, land with huge, unused, potential with its citizens that mostly live from agriculture. Bečej was the leader, beside the capital of this region - Novi Sad, in almost everything - including sports, where it had a soccer club in First League, and European Water-polo Championship called "Final Four" was held in here. It still has two of three industry giants, that were exporting their goods to whole World - and once being leaders in whole Europe. The "Sojaprotein" - factory/company for making and refining soy to whole Western, Eastern Europe and Russia and China! The "Carbo-dioxid" company for making and refining liquid ice and heavy chemistry. And the ruined one, maybe the biggest giant of all - "FADiP". "FADiP" is shorten from - "F" for Factory ,"A" for of Auto ,"D" is for Parts and "i" for and ,and last "P" for Accessories.(serbian:"Fabrika Auto Delova i opreme"). This factory have had the huge industry facilities for making, for instance, big tank-pipes for military tanks. It was producing those pipes, that were used as gun-pipes on tanks, for whole Europe needs and Russian Federation. Even, prince Charles, visited this factory - predicting and investing in it as it have had great export incomes and great production needs. Except this, it was producing cables, fiber-cables, optic-cables, CAT cables - everything from that to the ordinary screws and nuts.

Today, just the soy one and chemistry one exist and work still with same power, but with much less employees and staff in general. Working in these fabricates was an "benefit" and "dream" of every citizen of this small town. Salaries were always good, back in 80's, tough 90's and in present. Always good wages, with average income per employed of 400euros! Which is extremely good, if You take in mind that Serbia - in 2011, the current year , has an realistic average wage of 250 euros per month.

So, that was a little brief in to cities industry, "then and now" - but, there is lot more to tell, but I am afraid that I'm gonna make you bored, so let me continue to guide you further.

As I said, youth is , as we say, "in the channel". The fashion and the way of thinking, of nineties - are BACK on "big doors" ; which is bad - very bad! The "diesel wave" is again "in trend", people are turned to the criminal activities, again - mostly youth that see no perspective in doing honest, normal, work. Once again, Serbia is heading straight to the "rock bottom".

"This is Serbia" - sprayed text on "Economic High School"

"This is Serbia" - graffito on the wall of High Economic School - located in the center of Bečej.
"This is Serbia" - graffito on the wall of High Economic School - located in the center of Bečej. | Source


The eye-picture, of center of the city is really sometimes - artist would call it surreal. The spray tags on schools, the graffiti around the town, the sprayed labels of dead friends of mine, are just a part of every day reality that's surrounding me. Young girls and boys, are often deciding to try "fast diesel way of life" and they sadly die in just couple of years... Girls are often deciding to have their first boyfriend around their 12. , and to loose their virginity in 13th. Now you tell me, that that is normal? Sometimes, I think I'm losing my mind and that what I consider for "normal" isn't normal anymore. Wherever I turn my head , all I can see is poverty, drugged youth or drunk youth, and sad, and tired parents of them that are losing the "race with time", and in same time - losing their most beloved ones.

Third Side of Medal

The next video will show You everything what I meant to say... Now, and then and the "Other side of the EUROPE! Are we forgotten by the whole world? Are even part of it? Where is the limit when "human" stops being "human" ? Where is the limit where we stop being "homo sapiens" ?
This video is worth of MILLION WORDS! Exclusively for , from me - Boris Milanovic a.k.a "lafamillia" - The Third Side of The Medal.
Our hero of the story is "invisible" - Stokic V. , who lives in... You'll see. He is opiate dependent, mentally ill, person for almost TWO DECADES! Two decades of using heroin, opium, street methadone, benzo's, and all kinds of narcotics.He also "earned" epilepsy from this kind of lifestyle... He had few chances for rehab. He lost his mom when he was at his twenties, or some, so most of his adult life - he lived on a "bill" of his sister. His sister and he lived in city called "Kikinda" not so far from mine city. Of course, my family got mad, because no one wants to see his son close to another person, who ever he/she was, when they have the same problem - opioid dependency. Back then, I was an heroin addict too. His sister bought him a house, actually first ... rented one. He lived across a street of mine girlfriend. She was/is an addict too. We were taking opioids of all kind, every day... He was no good to me, or to anyone, so he become "infamous" in community. He started to come to his flat all beaten up, from kids that are up to 15. years younger of him - because this is the kind of youth that state of Serbia "raised". Serbia, the government, did closely to nothing for almost eleven years - since democratic changes came. Until then, till now - nothing changed. He was supposed to get the right treatment, such as methadone - back in 2000th !!! Not NOW, when he has hepatitis and SEVERE brain damage! How many of people did he infected, is the real question, and who we need to blame - him, as mentally ill or the government or local authorities that approved this kind of behavior and activities...What I want to say? I want to say that the GOVERNMENT nor LOCAL AUTHORITIES did nothing, to educate nor rise the "harm reduction" methods for those like him! Who's responsible that kids from 12 years old are walking till 5 am on streets of this city???! Sorry, I've lost myself...So, anyway - the "invisible" had first lived in rented flat, then his sister BOUGHT HIM A BRAND NEW HOUSE! A house with new kitchen, toilet, living-room, his room, PC with cable Internet connection and TV! So, by then - counting that - he had up to two chances to get himself together, get off from heroin, methadone, tramadol, poppy-tea... and start an normal life, find job, and re-socialize. None of that happened nor his sister helped him, as his "supervisor" - even tho, he asked for Substitution Therapy (as he seemed the right one, and to me to be honest with 18years, then, of heroin use!!) as solution. His sister refused, gave him monthly few boxes of benzodiazepines, antidepressants, and anti-epileptics. He, normally, continued his opiate abuse and soon - in just few months, he lost EVERYTHING! He slept on his floor of brand new house, with one blanket beneath and one up on him. When he left without fundamental things like food, he asked my mom for help -and she said that she will help him ONLY if he brings the "referral for hospital". He brought it, and he left. After three months of being on neuron-psychiatric hospital, which is NOT AN INSTITUTION FOR OPIATE ADDICT - he was FORCED to go in commune based rehabilitation. Now, after year and a half being isolated - with constant cravings(psycho-based) for opiates , and after a year more spent on street before he came back to my town - THIS A PICTURE THAT YOU GET! What You'll see is a result of irrational behaving and treating an opiate addict, and a result of denying of reality and approving the right (substitution one, that had and still has an HUGE SOCIAL STIGMA ATTACHED) treatment for him. Ladies and gentleman, I represent you exclusively for - all way from Serbia, a short documentary movie "THE THIRD SIDE OF MEDAL" :



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