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Other side of defense day

Updated on September 15, 2017

They say let the nation rejoice. Stop scratching the trash bin of history as it is really stinky. Let it be covered so that no one can look inside. It is all useless to play hide and seek with historical facts. Don’t speak about operation Gibralter. Don’t converse about Dara Haji Peer. Just remember 540 kilometers of The Great Rann of Kutch and forget about Punjab and Kashmir’s 1840 sq kilometers. Just remember what you have and forget about the rest. Whoever knelt before general U Thant and approached Alexi Kosygin, if nobody is bothered then why you chat about it? Go and watch military parades, dance to the beats of Noor Jahan’s national songs. Go to your grandparents and let them narrate you the great tales of 65 war. With your mouthful abuse your coward enemy. Wave your national flag with delight, sing, dance and take pride in your martyrs and their unforgettable accomplishments. Moreover do take some time off to visit WAHGA where your proud soldiers are stamping their feet in absolute joy. Appreciate them with heart whelming whistles and claps. You my friends will have a good day. Why you want to ruin your day, when others are not telling the truth then why are you in quest of it and that too on this historical day? What is the use of such reality that shakes the foundation of national unity? The truth that will calm the fire of nationalism and patriotism let the ocean of hatred flow. Why do you even remember such bitter realities? Go and read Pakistan studies like every other countrymen of yours. You conspirer, traitor, agent of Raw!

I hear and think about Immanuel Kant that how could he be so naive to say “do the right thing, speak the right thing even if the whole world collapse”. How could Habib Jalib be so immature, when he was told that it was not the right time, he replied he is not the time server. I doubt Mohandas Gandhi was in his senses when he said “Truth is not slave to your objectives”.

The delicious dish of hatred is served really well every other year and the young sons of their mothers are put to long sleep. Yes, it is correct that enemy’s soldier too has a mother, when the body of their dead is dispatched home bangles are also rattled there. Their sisters also moan just like ours. However like us, their fathers as well are made to control their emotions just because they are proud fathers of a martyr. Those who have been living together for the past thousand years, those who rose from the same soil, they in the past 70 years have just constructed a graveyard of love and around that graveyard of love on both sides of the border one will only find hunger, poverty, extremism, lawlessness, inflation, lack of education, intolerance, ignorance.

Where are you going to take the medal of national defense? Will you place it on the chest of over 60% population living below the line of poverty? Will you place it around the neck of a child who is affected from gastro, dengue or polio? Yes, I need defense. I need defense from drought, defense from annual floods, defense of my forests, defense of my rivers, defense to safeguard the honor of my women, defense against money laundering, defense against tax evasion, defense of my industries, defense from the death dancing in the corridors of my hospitals, defense from the dirt and pollution polluting my environment, defense from the animals roaming around in my schools and universities, defense from the ignorant professors, defense from the corrupt leaders, defense from the fraudulent government officials, defense from crook religious clerics. Why would you need an enemy that is dying her own death? I also want to rejoice and celebrate but celebrate for what?

Today my passport is regarded one of the worst in international community, most newly born children and their mothers die in my country than any other. Even in this age the children of my soil are the victims of polio and dengue yet you are singing the praises of war and pride.

Forgive me, but I cannot be happy if more women are raped in India, I just cannot be glad if I can slaughter a cow whenever I feel like, I absolutely take no pride that people of Pakistan are blessed with more toilets than India. When you will have the statistical figures to compare these two countries regarding science and technology, human development index, research, education and economy, only then we will have a talk but I know you will never speak on it, not today not ever.

I know that the plant of hatred is nourished on both sides of the border with mutual affection. We both contribute equally towards the madness of the war, the venom of hostility they are using in Kashmir or Baluchistan we are not far behind in damaging them from within. Who is more immoral or wrong is not the question but who is going to adopt the right path first is the basic question?

The horrors of war cannot be imagined and it is never the solution. You can compose thousands of national songs I don’t find any harm in it rather they ignite national spirit. Till 1965 to this date what have we gained? What have we lost? We need to think beyond assumptions and features; we need to acknowledge the bitter realities only then we can have the real picture. The diluted tales that are narrated to us on every national day have never let the young minds to learn from the mistakes our ancestors have committed. To learn from your mistakes you need to accept them first and this courage of accepting your mistake is not even taught at Sandhurst leave Kakul or Dehradun.

© 2017 Ali Sulehria


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