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Our Ambassador Is Among Four of Our Citizens Murdered In Libya...

Updated on July 16, 2013

Our Ambassador Is Among Four of Our Citizens Murdered In Libya…

Long time ago, someone threatened my best friend about shooting him…. whereby my friend replied by asking his would-be shooter if he had purchased the last gun – this is how I feel when many representing the so called ‘religion of peace’ who murder our citizens and constantly threaten America - do they think that we are going to say, ‘hit us again?’ Oh, how I envy the Israeli posture that if you kill its citizens… yours will summarily die! Our President has seen fit to visit Egypt… and referred to the Koran as holy and never deign to make the hop, skip, and a jump across to our forever friend, Israel. It is ironic that very same sex marriage President Obama wholeheartedly supports, and that issue played a prominent role at the recent Democratic convention, is one of the egregious reasons why our ambassador was killed because, apparently, the Muslim prophet was portrayed as a homosexual in some unknown Internet movie.

Do not think that this violence is not coming here - it is already rearing its malignant, cancerous head in England and it is why Political Correctness reigns there. Mark my prose as I write… that when the Muslims have the numbers here, we too will see a curtailment of free speech, but only to appease them - of course, it still going to be opened season on Christians, especially those who are Traditional… meaning those that believe behaviors that were wrong when Christ was in the flesh on earth is still so now. It is funny and ironic to watch the media, who walk lockstep with all that are considered gay… berated how disrespectful it was for the movie to portray the Muslim prophet in less than flattering moral light… but would take you to the woodshed were a Traditional Christian to say the same about the gay lifestyle. I wrote a blog months ago conveying the fact that Sir Elton John said that Jesus, the Christ, was a gay man - then, I wished that there were Jihad clauses in the Gospel to take care of Sir Elton John, but, alas, the very Christ that I worship does not condone such perverse actions, even when ‘abominable’ things are uttered about Him. I long to see the day when I can witness a gay parade down the streets of Riyadh, Cairo, or any renowned Middle Eastern thoroughfare or for Elton John to attribute homosexuality to anyone in the hierarchy of the Muslim Caliphate.

In the coming days, there will be more apologies about what was portrayed in that movie that offended Muslims than the killing of our citizens… and come some tragedy in the Middle East, those who are now burning our flag and sounding the clarion call… crying death to America, leaders will come with their hands begging for our proverbial bread - not only that, come fiscal year, were you to peruse our budget… you would see that much money air-marked for Muslims countries. President Obama has refused to meet Prime Minister Netanyahu - saying that his time was already booked - when the Israeli leader visits America tomorrow, but our President recently had a long visit at the home of Sarah-Jessica-Parker. I will say it again… under no circumstances… must Israel trust the Obama Administration because we are living at a time when we reward our enemies that are killing our people and are shunning our friends who have been with us through thick and thin.


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