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Our Boys In Blue Kill Again, Why are They So Violent?

Updated on October 3, 2011
The officer, as he made the one million dollar bail in court.
The officer, as he made the one million dollar bail in court.


The following story is true, but due to the sensitive nature of the content, some readers may not want to continue. although now the graphic photographs which were upsetting to look at for the victim here was brutally beaten, have been removed. Please use your own discretion before continuing for it is not my intent to upset my readers, nor to sensationalize the victims circumstance for my own benefit.; I only wish to tell this story as it appears in the news, to let my readers know if they are interested, in the facts in this case.

Policeman is Being Charged With Murder

Well, it has happened again. A police officer was called out to deal with someone, not knowing that the man first of all was disabled mentally. Reports have said that the homeless man became confused at the officer who was using the usual military drill sergeant screaming commands at him.; He told the man, several things he wanted him to do in rapid succession and the man got confused not knowing what to do. He did not stand up, or show in any way that he was a danger to the officer. But once more, because of the none compliance, not putting his hands where he was told, the officer became enraged.

The whole incident was caught on the video dash cam from the police car, and also on the phones of several people who were standing nearby watching as the incident unfolded. The officer became so frustrated and lost it so badly with the man, that he went to his car, got rubber gloves, and in the mans face snapped the in place and screamed, "Now I am going to Fuck you up."

The man was terrified, as would anybody have been. He then endured the worst beating anybody could have taken, without fighting back, and without even defending himself. The man can be heard, as he was tazed five or six times, and then continued to be beaten. The man repeatedly cried out, for the officer to please stop. In the end he can be heard, calling out for his dad to please help him.

Is this the man that we want to be called when our children are in trouble? Is this the man that we want to have help us when there has been spousal abuse or even crowd control? This policeman, who's salary we pay, continued to beat this man, until he had beat him to death.

This outrageous behavior is seen more and more often, and slowly the public is becoming more accepting of this type of behavior. I have been told by police officers, that just refusing to comply with their commands allows them to consider you of having aggressive behavior against them, which allows them by law (thanks Pres. Reagan) to use lethal force. So, when they say, stop, and you take three more steps, think about it real good. When they tell you to put your hands on your head, and you do not, you may end up looking like this man if you are having a bad day, it could get very much worse.

When are we Americans going to say that we have had enough of the brutal and mean hearted and uncontrolled behavior dished out to our communities? Think about officers like this one dealing with our kids who for one bad reason or another may have run away or done something foolish as all kids do from time to time. Do you want someone like this cop finding your child as he comes out of the store after having taken something he really wanted but could not pay for? Or, would you want this cop to deal with any of your family members after they have been drinking too much and get mouthy? No telling what this officer is capable of, or how his mentally ill thinking could react in any given situation.;

Police officers cannot be trusted for the most part with our families under circumstances that are going to cause them to become angry. Several more officers stood around and watched as this man was beaten to death, and they did nothing to help him. What is wrong with this picture? When are the police going to be made to stand before the same laws and have them mean the same thing as they do when we break them? When are we going to say that is enough and demand change? Is this not the day when we say no more, make this officer pay for his sins. Give us the kind of cops that used to be employed when our parents were kids, the kind of cop who would take the drunk home, the kind of cop that you could talk to, and the kind of cop that actually did protect and serve our communities.


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  • ddsurfsca profile imageAUTHOR

    deb douglas 

    7 years ago from Oxnard

    Last night again I saw a newsreport that another cop killed a homeless man. It is getting worse. Are we just numbed to this occurance?

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I am the farthest thing from a "cop" that you can find. But I do share your concern about the "cops" keeping us safe. The last time they were keeping us safe somebody got killed after he was tazed 5 times and because he didn't or couldn't understand what the "cop" was screaming at him while pointing his gun at the "suspect"!So with that said, it still remains that if you challenge a police officer's authority the most likly outcome will be somebody getting the "long arm of the law" for sure. The whole tel,lit to the judge thing does not mean anything since you really do not get the chance to "tell " the judge anything! On your side'')

  • ddsurfsca profile imageAUTHOR

    deb douglas 

    7 years ago from Oxnard

    Excuse me sir, but me and mine do not ever talk back or in any kind of way, nor would any of us ever resist, for if you are smart you will do your talking and sticking up for your rights either in court before a judge, or on paper as I have done here. Your attitude screams out "I am a cop", and you will notice I don't piss you off in person. How many people have you shot keeping the public safe. Wait, does that make sense?? Actually, cops have managed to mistreat me just enough to cause me to have a mental illness. I am petrified of having the cops keep me safe, therefore I never leave my house, thanks all the same.-

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    So what do we put on your headstone? it seems to me that you surly will stand up for your "rights" the next time you get into trouble and then you know what 's going to happen? Let's see now, you will piss off the cop and he will shoot you because you are resisting, fighting, and using aggressive behavior against an officer of the law. Do you even know that it is against the law to refuse to follow the directions of a police officer? this is considered aggressive behavior on your part which means that you are putting the police officer in a life threatening position that gives him the authority to use lethal force to preserve his and the public at large safety. just something to think about the nexttime you are back talking the cops...

  • mortimerjackson profile image


    7 years ago from California

    It's what happens when you give high school dropouts a gun.


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