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The philosophy of Criticizing

Updated on July 20, 2014

Criticizing is something which has become a part of society and it is something many if not all of us have come to accept. While we exercise our right to free speech we must be careful to not violate the laws of libel and slander. Our methods of criticizing can be in the form of verbal through such methods as radio or in conversation and written in our writing. Written criticism can take place in newspapers or posting on many of the social network sites. The statements we make especially through social networks sometimes gains exposure in locations we often to not realize.. Our statements sometimes can be hurtful so in criticizing we must be compassionate about the impact on others.

Many of us if not all of us have felt criticism or have witnessed it against others. Individuals who do nothing but criticize often get projected as a negative individual whether it is right or wrong. We all know these type of individuals and we make efforts to avoid them in our daily routine as much as we can.It does not matter if what we state is the truth in many cases for sometimes the truth is not what others want to hear especially if it disagrees with their positions or philosophy.

There is much to be critical about in these economic times but if we are not careful all we think about is criticizing the decisions of others rather than understanding on what they based their actions. There is a time an place to be critical and those who disagree with our perception can sometimes impact our lives or the lives of our friends and family. This does not mean that we should not criticize others for that is our right under the Constitution.

In our decisions to criticize others we often listed to others rather than form our own opinions about issues of the day. We hear news reports about events but the coverage of those events are often tainted with the sometimes political philosophy of the media reporting the news. We must form our own opinion on issues before we criticize others. One example is the political arena. Decisions are made in Congress are often met with resistance but we do not necessarily know all the facts in what led to a decision for which we may be critical. All politicians need to explain their decisions to the constituents if they question their decisions. All sides of an issue need to be understood before determining whether a decision was right or wrong and in the best interest of the country or constituents.


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