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Our Kids and their Heroes (shaping future mindsets)

Updated on September 12, 2016
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I took an interest in Politics at a young age. The Goldwater-Johnson race fascinated me and I've been paying attention ever since.

This picture, of My Team, was circulating yesterday. Breaks my heart! LESS OF THIS
This picture, of My Team, was circulating yesterday. Breaks my heart! LESS OF THIS

So many of America's kids don't stand much of a chance, when their parents (I'm using that term loosely) spend their days playing the victim and the blame game. When they take money for their kid's groceries and spend it on their drug habit and when they continually place their needs before their children's needs.

It is unfortunate and sad, but we all know that it happens in too many families.

When kids have parents that are losers, they will naturally look elsewhere, to other adults, as their role models.

Who can they look to?

Of course I'd prefer that George Washington or Ronald Reagan, Clarence Thomas or Condaleeza Rice be their role models. Proud Americans that understood/understand what we have built here in America, an America that is worth Fighting for!

If they can't get excited about Lovers of the Constitution and can only get excited about Sports figures or Musicians or Hollywood stars then so be it, but Please Lord, let them be Worthy!

Many of us loyal football fans are sickened, witnessing members of 'our team', teams that we have loved since we were kids, disrespecting America.

I had hoped that this disrespectful display of taking a knee during the National Anthem, was a fleeting thing and would soon be put to rest.

After yesterday's display, sadly it has not! It seems to be catching on.

Our kids are watching. Our kids are Always watching and listening and learning.

What have they learned from Barack Obama?

To go abroad and apologize for America? To put down and tear down America?

To take a side on an issue that has not been properly ironed out or investigated. To make a judgement against a person that has not yet had their day in court?

I digress.

What are they learning in the lyrics of far too many songs they listen to?

That the disgusting word that we've long attempted to put behind us, like all ugliness, is made new again, but only if used by persons of a certain race and not by any one else, for then it becomes offensive?

I was filling my tank the other day and a young man pulled up at the station with the most repulsive, repetitive, piece of crap 'music' that I've ever had the displeasure of hearing.

I wasn't angered by it, I was saddened by it.

I could not tune it out with my Talk Radio, so I stopped short of filling my tank and left.

What are they learning from Sports figures?

A Statement is somehow made by kneeling during the National Anthem.

Which Statement is that? A Statement of your Ignorance?

People of all colors, races, ethnicities, religions have lost limbs, their minds, their quality of Life...Many have lost their Lives... defending that Glorious Flag...inspired by that Meaningful National Anthem...which belongs to All of us, To All Americans!

Those wishing to make a Statement about what they see as unfair treatment in America, have many choices (after all, this is America):

  • Have a Press Conference
  • Go before Congress with a list of your grievances
  • Write an Article
  • Go talk to Oprah
  • Don't play football on an NFL team or any other Sports Team
  • Leave America

If you see her as a horrible place, go elsewhere!

DO NOT disrespect All that have fought, all that fight, All that made the greatest sacrifice of all, with their Lives.

You are not accomplishing a thing, you're only losing support, you are losing fans and you are giving your Teams a bad name.



NFL, NBA, MLB Players, Hollywood, Politicians.... like it or not, whether you've asked for it or not, you play a vital role in many kid's lives.

Will they grow up realizing that their horizon is broad or will they grow up with a giant chip on their shoulder?

Will they look at you and say I can do that, I'm disciplined, I'm fast, I'm capable or will they look at you and say why should I bother, I'm not going to play sports for this Country, it sucks!

They are looking to you, many have no love or support in their homes, you are all they have!

Do the right thing.

Enough of this trashing America. If you don't love her, leave her!



Our Kids are Watching!


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