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Our Leader is Waiting for 2014.

Updated on February 23, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Yog Guru teaching Yoga and training in Politics.

The Truth.

Jawaharlal Nehru was our leader for as long as he lived and his leadership stands firmly with his family.There are his fallowers but none can go anywhere near his family.

After his leadership we had his Daughter Indira Gandhi,she was a more powerful Prime Minister than her father,we all know that.

She took bullets over 40 from a machine gun and her murder was never expected would be in her own house by her Body Guards.

If she were alive perhaps India would have been a better place than any other Country.Even USA or China would have been at our doors begging for whatever they wanted.She took East Pakistan like a Cake in the War.Those who fought for her are our Real Hero's.

It was next in the same line with our sweet Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister who met the same fate as her mother killed by a tamil girl at Tamil Nadu.

Who so ever came next can't hold a candle in popularity that these three giants did enjoy all over the country by men & women at all levels.Why are we having a Prime Minister who stands by a Lady to get his guts to quiver at the age he is and that too with two bypass surgery's.How many Doctors check his urine daily and how many times.Does he work or he makes others work.It seems others work more effectively than this man but they don't have a chance to show their gut.

What have we got now which is nothing but to make money and keep others not do it.They stay in power for decades as same ministers in the same old chairs.Of course they would have changed their Chairs several times by now.What happens at national level is quite different from what happens at State level.

What have we got at state level,a Chief Minister who spends Crore of Rupees renovating his Bed Room and Home,crying as his opponents demanded the removal of a Lady Minister who was going behind him with all her Colgate Teeth shown in pictures and TV shows.She made him Cry which the nation saw on TV.This is in Karnataka.

What have we got now a Billionaire Minister who does illegal mining in two states and still sitting in his chair as Minister.

What have e got now to look after our City of Bangalore,full of garbage not removed in many many places and stinking with foul smell we are unable to walk in that road.

Why are we having such leaders it is on account of I and You we gave our votes to them,we did so or the system is such we had to do what we didn't wanted to do or there was no choice to do what we wanted to do.

Mr.Rathore a Retd I G of Police who molested a 14 year girl and she committed suicide as she could not face her parents gets a 6 months term in jail and even before the judge puts his judgment papers down another judge gives him bail.Who helps these persons it is our own selected leader.we voted him so he is us.We are also murderers of democracy.

DO You See a Way out.


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