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Our Nation Must be Strong

Updated on August 9, 2011

Strength in Unity

There comes a time in the life of a Nation that the focus must be on strengthening itself and placing more attention on its own needs. I believe that this time is right now for our Nation. We have gone out into the world and helped many other countries in need for a variety of causes.In order for a country to remain strong and be able to help surrounding countries, we must rebuild basic structures that have made our country a world leader. We must not reach beyond our grasp in our best intentions.

War and the huge sums it requires to maintain it are well beyond our grasp. The defense of our country on its borders are much more important than around the world where we have protected wealthy oil barons in countries of the Middle East for many years. Some argue the fact that we are acting in our self interest in protecting them. What if we concentrated more on developing the oil in this country and also on other sources of energy, such as our own wind,solar.water, and natural gas. Companies have already told many major officials in this country that if we just developed the abundant shell resources available, we could provide energy and needed oil supplies for several hundred years. We must concentrate on our own resources and not those of other countries. We are a vibrant and self sufficient nation and we do not need others to try to control us as a form of black mail because we have become dependent upon them for oil and other natural resources.

WE must tell congress by writing, calling, e-mails, and peaceful protests that we want to remain the United States of America and not separated from our founding father's goal of being independent from those who would try to control us and dominate our people. We may have the rightful desire to help others in the world in their basic needs and rights as human beings, but we must be strong enough for this to happen, ourselves. We are beginning to become weaker in our economy and all the facets that make up state and national governmental structure. We have got to all pull together and bring our nation out of this weakened state. Bring our soldiers home and focus on defending our national interests here a home. We may lead the world in technology, but China and other countries are making great strides in challenging us. We should be a nation with a great educational system, but over the years, we have fallen far short of this most important issue facing our country and the welfare of its children.

If we concentrate on keeping our production of goods at home and development of all our resources here we can begin to strengthen our basic fiber and move back to the leader in world economy. We must limit the common practice of out-sourcing of the goods we have grown dependent upon in recent years. We have made other countries rich and made us poorer in the loss of jobs and also must pay high prices when we get goods from other countries.

The decision to go to war is a powerful move in this country and it is an important decision that should not be taken lightly when the survival of a nations own strength and vital needs of its own people are at stake. Politics and relations between nations are vital issues and many decisions are made for a multitude of reasons. These important choices are made by the president and other leaders in our congress and that is the way it was meant to be done. No one individual should ever be given the right to make final decisions for the people of this country and the founding fathers created the constitution to support this fact. We are a nation with laws of the people, by the people and for the people. No one should ever forget this and its creation by intelligent and caring decision makers. Now, as a united people, we should exercise our basic rights guaranteed in our constitution, and help one another.

Thomas Jefferson was a founding father and former president of this country. He told the members of the group who wrote our laws of the land that "A nation divided cannot stand."He also referred to the division of congress and that this may lead to bickering and indecision. The many political parties created over the length of our nation's life, has demonstrated this, even in recent times. Greed, conceit, lack of compromise, and political influence have all contributed to a weaker congress and less powerful decisions in the past. Just consider what we could accomplish today in our congress and the strength that we would have as a nation in a time we all were in great need, if we all pulled together and put aside differences.

In order for this nation to survive and be strong it is time for the people that made it great to unite and show the nationalism we revealed in WWII and earlier in our war for independence. A nation divided can't survive and remain in tact as its people need. The spirit in which this country was created is still there in place and all that we need to do right now is remember, and make our founders proud. One world governments,one world monetary systems, and one world anything, is not the right answer to solve this world's needs. It has already been proven in ancient Rome. Greece, China, Russia, and countries around the world, which tried to make itself dictators of the world's peoples. Great Britain and France experienced defeat in trying to accomplish this feat. Germany and Japan also were not successful in their attempts to take world control. Nationalism and respect for other nations, is the right decision for all of us.


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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from United States

      This hub is written in conjunction with and following up of two other hubs entitle "Economy on the Rocks" and "Does Congress Really Represent the People".


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