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Our National Embarrassment

Updated on June 30, 2010

It is hysterical that the left still -- to this very moment -- think that George W. Bush is so stupid. What would we call Mr. Obama? The Commander-in-Chief who can’t pronounce the word “corpsman.” He didn’t just have a slip of the tongue – he did this three times in one speech. I noticed one time when he said it, he had that arrogant tip of his chin – that look he gives us down his nose…it was classic Obama. He commands men and women of the military and he's clueless how to pronounce a military title even though he's reading from his teleprompter.

I would have laughed had I been watching. I have to catch him on uTube or Fox News. I can’t watch him any longer. I just can’t.

Was George W. Bush – the most maliciously maligned President in my life-time (perfect President, no – worthy of what the Democrats did – lying and slandering this man relentlessly? NO!) that stupid? Compared to President Obama – how can a liberal still look at their reflection in the mirror and say YES? When we compare the man to President Obama – we see probably the least intelligent President - Mr. Obama -  in the history of this country. Once again proving – sadly – that a degree in this country no longer means – smarts!

President Obama gives his State of the Union address and chews out the Supreme Court – blaming them for a recent decision. He lambasted them for a decision that would open up foreign money that would now be able to flow into future U.S. elections.

President Obama – this genius – this CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PROFESSOR – didn’t know that what he was professing to the entire world WAS WRONG? That was NOT what the decision by the Supreme Court did! What a colossal, bone headed mistake! How embarrassing! I just cringe when I think, what must the rest of the world think of us? What President has ever, ever done and said so many mindless things?

I seem to remember Copenhagen once for the Olympics, then for the climate summit. Stumping for every single Democrat up for reelection who didn’t get reelected including the now historic Massachusetts election. His fumbling attempt to explain why no C-SPAN cameras were allowed into the closed-door health care reform sessions. "You wonder what people would act like in front of the camera." Or some such like-nonsense that came from his lips. And tonight – he can’t even pick the Super Bowl champion and he only had two choices to make! I wonder, how does this guy put two socks on in the morning?

I shake my head in wonder – how can liberals/progressives/Democrats still be so utterly delusional?

May history prove you to be the great man and President that you were!


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    • Harvey Stelman profile image

      Harvey Stelman 7 years ago from Illinois


      Did Bush write this Hub, or was it one of his writers? We all know that a man with a higher GPA than Al Gore ..... oops, forget I said that.

      Didn't you notice Obama's grade point in high school, Occidental JC, Columbia Univ, Harvard and Harvard Law School. Oops, I don't think anyone is allowed to see it.

      I got out of Oklahoma Univ. with a GPA of 2.001 and spent two semesters on probation. If I can let this very poor record be shown; why can't he?

      Go get 'em C!

    • commisioner profile image

      commisioner 7 years ago from florida

      well i for one can't wait for the upheaval in november. here in florida i have my eye on marco rubio. crist is a rino and an idiot. he claims to have cut taxes, yet he raised them in other places to the point we the people pay more. companies are flocking out to south carolina where it's friendlier to business. by taking the stimulus money, he opened the door to federal taxes we were not previously affected by. the .61 tax per pack of cigaretts were not suppose to affect the "in state only" brands, but we got it. the ol' prime time charlie added another buck to that. in 6 months my smokes went from 12.99 a carton to 32.00. land and property tax went down but business taxes and "fees" went up. jobs are running out of state and will soon leave the country with the rest of them that left in the carter years.

      vote people and throw out the dems and the rinos. find someone like scott brown. let's get our country back and our constitutional rights. let freedom ring so loud it deafens the idiots.

      p.s., i miss regan more

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      Hey Michiganman567! I'm a Michigan woman! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. I have also been "resting" somewhat from politics as it has been almost driving me crazy what this runaway Congress and Obama administration has been doing with our tax dollars! It's just a total outrage!

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks Carl Jean for stopping by and telling me how like-minded you are! Sadly - we're in this boat together as long as this truly incompetent president is in office!

    • michiganman567 profile image

      michiganman567 7 years ago from Michigan

      Nice job, I've been on a little political breather. Obama just wears on me after a while. I was thinking a poll for your bush question would be nice. I vote yes, I do miss President Bush

    • Cari Jean profile image

      Cari Jean 7 years ago from Bismarck, ND

      I too am tired of Obama and the Left blaming Bush for everything wrong in their administration. Bush was treated very unfairly by the left. I agree that he was a great president!

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

      Well Cedar C. - I've recently reread it and I believe I understand the constitution enough to know this administration is ignoring it at best and destroying it at worst. Sorry - I'll have to disagree. But we can agree that Republicans are no saviors of the constitution either - some are - more then the Democrats that's for sure, but they definitely need to clean house too!

    • Cedar Cove Farm profile image

      Cedar Cove Farm 7 years ago from Southern Missouri

      There is stupidity on both sides of the aisle. I doubt there are many who DO understand the Constitution.

    • ReuVera profile image

      ReuVera 7 years ago from USA

      Ken, it's easy. I presume that mainstream press is pretty much under control...The real shock will be when in the next step the "new pronunciation" will be mandatory introduced into language as the right one...

      I hope it will not happen, otherwise it would be my Old country deja vu.

    • ehern33 profile image

      ehern33 7 years ago

      I can't watch any more speeches or interviews anymore. I am sick to my stomache and have had my fill so I catch briefs in the news about him. Everything has been said that can be said, I just can't wait till election time once again.

    • Ken R. Abell profile image

      Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD

      Good hub. Another case where truth is stranger than fiction. You can't make this stuff up.

      A national embarrassment to be sure, but I have not heard any mainstream press person mention Mr. Obama's pronounciation of "corpsman". I wonder why that is?