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Our New Mr. President

Updated on May 11, 2011

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009, may arguably be the biggest day in American history. As that day draws closer, I can't help, but wonder if we're setting ourselves up for disappointment or if things will really go as planned. I wouldn't wish to be Mr. Obama for any prize in the galaxy.

President-Elect Obama is the first of many things. He is the first president to be born into an interracial relationship. He is the first president to be born to an unwed mother. His family will be the first African American family to reside in the White House. While he may not be the first young president, he is the first in a long time. And, if things really do go as planned, he will be the first president to keep his word.

Since the United States was first introduced to Obama back in 2004 at the DNC, there has been whispering about what this man could do for this country. Since then, the whispering has become screaming. Over the past eight years, our once prosperous, enviable country has become the disaster that now effects all Americans. People are losing their jobs, houses and retirement funds. Our country is a mockery to the world. On November 4, 2008, American voices cried for change, hope and an America they can once again be proud of. Obama is seen as our only hope for a new America. All eyes are on him. All fingers are crossed. If you watched any of his rallies, you may understand why some news commentators have compared him to Christ.

Yet, can one man turn things around the way we need him to? With all of expectations we have, I believe that we may be setting him up to fail. We are hoping for a miracle. We are hoping for eight years of damage to be undone the second he takes office. There will be people who will claim he has betrayed us if he doesn't do everything he says he will do within the first 100 days. Quick as we are to criticize, Mr. Obama should speak candidly with us each time he has a chance to. I am excited for Tuesday and what it means for our country.

Though we all knew it would come one day, we finally have a non-white president. Though this doesn't mean bigotry has ended, it gives me hope that we may one day be a truly accepting country that doesn't judge people by their race, gender, who they love or who they pray to, but by what they can do to improve this world and what they've already done to improve their own section of it. Will we see a woman US president in 2016? A Latino? A Lesbian? A Wiccan? Thanks to Mr. Obama, these questions don't seem that absurd to me anymore.


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    • Blackberry profile image

      Blackberry 9 years ago

      As I have said before and I know it sounds like an old record, Obama has a fall guy he will never have to take the heat for anything he does wrong. I wish the very best for him and our country.

      Good hub.