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Our Precious Closet

Updated on April 2, 2011

Who would ever have thought ....

....that a closet would mean more, so much more, than just a plain old closet.

More than a place to hang your clothes or store other articles until they are needed. More than a place to just throw your laundry until that day arrives that you have to wash them because you're running out of clean things to wear. More than a place for the clothes tree and the shoe tree. Yes, closets mean so much more these days.

There may be another type 'tree' in the closet!

Today the word 'closet' means something quite different. Being 'in the closet' or 'out of the closet' has something to do with ones personal secrets. 'In the closet' means a person is still hiding their secret, 'out of the closet' means a person is being 'out front' and honest and doesn't want to keep their secret any longer, bites the bullet and tells the world.

And who or what do we have to thank for all this secrecy and paranoia in this country that was once known as 'home of the free' ? Why, 'big brother' of course.

But today the USA is known more as the 'home of the closets' because most don't want to 'come out' and big brother is just too big and menacing. Not only are citizens told who the right person is to sleep with, they are also told what medicine they are aloud to use and what to grow in their garden.

Whether it works or not, what the side-effects are and whether anybody has died from it, whether it's natural or synthetic; means nothing. So who can blame them, people are pushed into their closet, if not one way or another.

And if you don't have anything just yet that you enjoy and the big brother doesn't want you to enjoy, just wait, there will be. That's a promise. There's nothing stopping them. "The Constitution," you say. Whats that?



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