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Our Veterans

Updated on May 28, 2012

This holiday weekend I listened to the many speakers who have filled up television and the radio airways all claiming to be patriotic. However, the state of our veterans deeply concerns me as well. Over 1/4 of our homeless male population is a vet. Veterans have an unemployment rate of 9.2%. That is a rate higher than the national average of all United States citizens.

It brings to mind how veterans who have fought in wars overseas should never be dismissed. In the past year the Republicans advocated to reduce Congressional funding blocking spending for the monitoring of health of 9-11 responders. Par for the course. I remember when Nixon pulled us out of Viet Nam with many military persons who were stll missing in action. Some never returned and were not accounted for, they were never searched for. Our great Civil War hero and President Ulysses S Grant died alone and penniless in the Adirondack Mountains of New York writing his memiors to provide an income for his family. This is how America really treats their former military heros and this is not right.

I think we all need to think of those who served this country and try to help them in difficult times. They gave so much. We need to remember our veterans all year long and not just one day a year. I am not for War. I believe most wars are usually a waste of time, money and precious lives. However, most of those who went to war in recent years enlisted at a young age and suffered at the hands of others bad decisions. They enlisted for a job. Most people that young have no idea what violence really is until they are caught in the middle of extreme cruelty that takes place in war. These horrid memories become hard to overcome. So, lets all try to give them a job if we can and understanding at home.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell

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