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Out of control children our next leaders!

Updated on September 2, 2016

Be a parent, not their pal

Most people use blogging to entertain themselves, and there is nothing wrong with that. But I do not think we realize that people from all around the world see these blogs. I recently was interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator about my blogs. It made me realize this is a great place to meet people of different cultures, make new friends and promote world peace. In that regard I want to address a couple of the problems that concern me such as government and children. The government of America has gone south in many aspects. The left wing politicians have taken over and have changed our national policy to the point it is all but unrecognizable. Our forefathers would be gravely disappointed to see what we have done to the great country they built. They set up this nation based on country, god and family. Now we have allowed the prayer to be abolished, want to change the pledge, take mottos off the money and on and on. The family unit is all but gone, children have no respect for their elders or even life for that matter. Read the paper any day and you will see proof of this, shootings by children, robbery, stealing. Any school night you can see children on the street at 11pm, this never happened when I was a child, we had to be in our yard by dark. We were taught to respect our elders. If you were not able to learn in school, you at least kept quiet and did not disturb others. To raise a hand to a teacher was unthinkable. Now days it seems everyone is only interested in themselves. You cannot build a mountain with one rock, it takes many. The same applies to building any good society, it takes many people of diverse opinions and beliefs. There is a saying “it takes an entire village to raise one child”. Now days people do not want to raise their own children let alone help with anyone elses. People want to have children but do not want to be parents. In our society today we want our children to be raised by day care, schools and then welfare. What is wrong with that picture? Can we not see that children with guns and no supervision is a bad combination? More and more I see parents on television with children they cannot control, a 13 year old girl using profanity towards her mother! This is happening daily across the nation. The scary thing is that those out of control children are the future leaders of this nation. What will they do with that responsibility? If they have no respect for the elderly, do you think they will provide for our older generation? This is just the kind of turmoil terrorist love to see, it makes their job easy. They can easily recruit children for their purposes because of the lack of proper training and moral values most of the younger generation has. This country could be destroyed from within easier than invasion. Why have our values changed so much the last few years? I am concerned for the future of this country, you should be too!


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