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Outrage at People Being Tried in a Court of Public Opinion!

Updated on July 23, 2014

People Are Now Guilty Before Having Their Day In Court

Ron Blagojevich, Casey Anthony, and Dr. Murray! All 3 of these people have several things in common; and that is being judged by the media and the Court of Public Opinion, before they had their day in Court. Personally, I feel that, we, the public will never know the truth about anything, anymore, on what is fact, or what is fiction! Because, this society, today, are like a bunch of vultures waiting to pounce on a new prey! Really, I believe that society has evolved backwards, to the days of witch hunts, hate mongers, and moving toward a form of being of higher power! What happened to the analogy of 'if you live in a glass house; then, do not throw stones! Really, I feel that this applies in these situations. Any one of us could have been walking in these people's shoes.

They were all caught up in something; and in the wrong place, in life, at the wrong time. Ron Blagojevich stepped on the wrong political toes, Casey Anthony had her youth, that went against her; as we do not know what, really, happened, and why she behaved as she did, and Dr. Murray, because of greed, accepted a job, that he should have passed on, or left; when he saw the state that M.J. was really in. I still want to know why past Doctors aren't being prosecuted, also; he had to be on those Meds before he, even, met Dr. Murray. Yes, I believe that race is playing a large part, in this.

I am really disappointed with most of America, right now; especially, with those making comments, such as those, that are being made, regarding these cases! Who made us judge and jury? Who gave us the right to point fingers, make judgement calls; and to find anyone guilty, before all of the facts are laid out IN COURT, with an appointed jury, and Judge? I don't even have faith in any, supposedly, hand-picked jury, anymore. I do not believe that anyone serving have not heard anything about these cases before they were served, as a possibility, of being on the jury. People, these days, do not live in a vacuum, or have their heads stuck in the sand. You are going to hear something. Also, these verdicts that are being handed out; and these sentences that the Judges are making, I believe are being made because they are listening to the will, and voices, of the people! None of them want to be badgered, or treated with hostility, if they wanted to find anyone innocent. Plus, I have a problem wanting to know why a juror's name have to be news, and released, anyway; even, after a trial. They did their job; and afterwards, should just be left in peace.

I try not to even follow, anything, regarding anyone's PRIVATE life, on the news; however, even I hear things, that I do not want to hear. I do not care, how often, you turn the station, the media want to talk about these stories, private lives of the famous, badger people after they lost a loved one, information that I do not even consider real news. I do not feel that anyone, not even the media, has the right to speculate, about anything, or anyone. They need to stick just to the facts, of REAL news.

I thought that one of the things that made our Country, so great, and so much better, than other countries; was because, here, you are supposed to be innocent, until PROVEN guilty ... proven, being the key word! Along the years, did we, somewhere, throw this concept out of the window? And, I am not saying that anyone is innocent, nor am I pointing a finger at anyone, saying guilty. The jury did their job, and now people are, also, pointing accusing fingers, at them! This is similar to witch hunts, lynch mobs, and other disgusting, and embarrassing, mobs of the past! America, obviously, did not learn anything, from history! People here, are now so vain, that they have put themselves ABOVE the law of this land! And, I am not, just, speaking of those who kill, steal, or participate in any other criminal activity. Look in a mirror! A jury is supposed to take into count "reasonable doubt!" According to the "COURT" testimony that is heard ("NOT" the media, or public, opinion); I failed to see where the prosecution "proved" that Casey murdered her child. Yes, they proved that she is a habitual liar, and a bad one, at that; however, they were unable to provide any substantial, or direct, proof (like DNA, etc.), or witnesses, that she killed, or even, assisted in killing her daughter. She was found innocent on all of these charges, according to the LAWS of our land; and we should respect these rulings! What has our County become, or what is America becoming?"

Ron Blagojevich, besides talking too much; I still had a hard time on why the Judge wasn't allowing his lawyers to present information, that they believed was vital to his case; afterall, it was their job to DEFEND their client. The prosecutors were allowed to present what they wanted to present, to prosecute. I thought that it should had been up to the jury to decide if the information is vital, or not ; while they were doing their deliberations. How do we know that it wasn't all one-sided and a political conspiracy to convict, before the case, again, was even heard in Court? Personally, I did not see anything different that he did; than what other political leaders are known to do. All of them are crooks; and be trying to pad their own pockets. Looking out for number one. I, really, do believe that Blagojevich stepped on the wrong, political toes; and didn't follow whatever, the program, was.

And, that Dr. Murray, smh; he was just plain, greedy, and dumb. As a Doctor, he should have resigned that position, as sson as he saw, that M.J. was buying, and taking, illegal drugs, and reported him. But, he couldn't turn his back on those $ signs. He saw what he believed to be easy street. Well, now, he is about to learn what is meant by 'money is the root of all evil!' Anyway, these trials are over, now; with the exception of Blagojevich not knowing his sentencing, yet. But, who cares. I don't. Because he is going to get whatever is going to seen as a sensational one. Because that is what is in, these days! Everyone want to make a name. Another political way, of padding pockets.

I do know one thing; and, that is that I am sick and tired of hearing any of these names. So, can we, please, move on, now ...? I have had my fill of these cases, as I am sure that some other's have, also. I believe that these all of these trials have been tainted from the beginning, anyway ... first, tried in the media, and, then, by public opinion! What is fiction and what is fact, not anyone will ever know. Any evidence has been contaminated, covered up, and ... you just consider! I believe that the verdicts were cave-in's of public opinion. Before judging and pointing fingers, people need to consider the past ... like, the period of slavery and the aftermaths, witch hunts, the holocaust, any prison camps, etc. Can anyone see the similarities, or hypocrites , here, of jumping to conclusions, or people positioning themselves, as if they are higher forms of power? I am just saying ... please, all need to relax, and, just, chill. But, like those vultures, people are going to be waiting for the next carcass, that they can they can rake over hot coals! We must remember that, one day, EVERYONE will have to answer, and come to terms, when they meet up with their final judgement, of life!

P.S. Feel free to agree, argue, or disagree. I am interested in ALL opinion, pro or con! I want to hear everyone's opinion, view, and/or feelings, regarding this Ex-Governor. All I ask is that all responses are kept clean, and free of profanity. Also, everyone has a right to their belief; or opinion, therefore, do not attack a specific person for their stated opinion; only respond with your comment, reflecting your view, or opinion, of the hub's content. Thank You!


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