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Outsourcing The Blood Letting of a Nation

Updated on November 6, 2009
Our Own Companies sold us out
Our Own Companies sold us out

Funny but true

The Bleeding Out of Our Nation

If you are reading this you are either concerned about outsourced jobs and our economy or you’ve been affected by outsourcing in some way. Three years ago I lost my job to outsourcing… I’ve lost another job by company stream-lining (that’s another hub), but it is all related. So I started researching outsourcing and I have learned a lot about how companies make their decisions on the path they will take when it comes to making a choice to outsource.

So why do companies outsource to other nations? Well I read this Pro outsourcing webpage from PLU.EDU…

“Outsourcing policies vary greatly among nations and firms. Policy makers take a number of effects into account when making their policies (see theory).

Pro-Outsourcing Policy Considerations:

  • Globalization: Outsourcing increases globalization and opens trade, which is beneficial to all parties by reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  • Economic Growth: Outsourcing causes economies to grow due to increased productivity and globalization. New jobs are created to fit the growing economy.
  • Employment: Many worry that pro-outsourcing policies reduce the number of jobs available to domestic workers. But, a job gained overseas doesn't always mean a job lost at home. The growing domestic economy will demand more workers. Additionally, the major pro-outsourcing countries (U.S. and Britian) already have large job turn-over rates and are near full employment. Jobs lost do to outsourcing are fairly negligible since they are reallocated in the economy.”

Works Sited

Hogwash, anyone who knows about business knows that when production can be done at a lower cost by sending those jobs over seas the higher ups are not always going to give you a position in the office when your skill set is in manual labor. Is your average line worker really going to be reallocated into some other part of the company where they have a desk job? I mean yeah it can happen but when you think about those people that usually take those jobs they don’t have a skill set that is transferable to some other area of the company. Their skill set is in production, not clerical work.

A company is all about a healthy bottom line, if they can gain production at a fraction of the cost without having to pay for healthcare, long term benefits, retirement… I mean you do the math and you can see why they are outsourcing our jobs to these upcoming countries. They gain in production, in cost, and in the end revenue.

A Question of Morality:

Now I question to those CEOs and Company Owners who make the choice to outsource an American workers job. The Unites States is a mostly consumer based nation. This is because of our ability to make good wages, have benefits, and be productive. Take away the base of our nation’s economic growth through production jobs with good wages and you take away your consumer base. These jobs gave our nation its middle class the very foundation of our nation’s greatness. So my question is… if you take away the wage earners ability to consume then don’t you dissolve that very middle class that consumes your products? Where is your dedication to the very people that have made you all your money? Where is the morality in dissolving our nation’s middle class? You look at charts and production, you see a healthy bottom line by cutting costs, and yes in the SHORT TERM you may make a great profit, but how long will it last if you take away our jobs? Or maybe that is the idea…

Notice where these jobs are going… China and India and even Mexico where wages are low and standards in the workplace are not as well watched as those in the United States. These countries have something in common, large populations. These largely populated countries have billions and millions of people, a brand new consumer base for the company that has their products produced there. Think about it folks, they are selling us out! Yup, they know they can make more money from those countries than they can from us here in the United States. So a question of morality, well in business there is no room for morality, when a person steps on you to reach the top they cut your throat and smile at you when they say, “Hey you know, it’s just business.”

Remember that when you go to Walmart where over ninety percent off all your products are produced over seas. Not only are they selling us out, we are selling ourselves out. This is the bleeding out of a nation, we are the sacrificial society for the greater bottom line. In twenty years when our nation is third world remember that we did it to ourselves. I think that if a company based in the United States doesn’t pay taxes to our country by having an off shore island Head Quarters and fly a foreign flag, or if they want to have all their products manufactured or outsourced to another country and then shipped back here for us to consume that they should have to only do business in that country or with countries that don’t mind being bleed out. Make it here if you want to sell it here. That is my idea on how to fix our failing economy. If those CEOs want to stay here then they have to provide jobs to citizens of the United States and have their products produced here.


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    • electricsky profile image

      electricsky 7 years ago from North Georgia

      I suppose you are right. They are producing goods at a cheaper cost regardless of how they effect the labor market in this country. However, do foreign countries outsource here? Doesn't it kind of even out?

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 8 years ago

      Excellent hub. You are right on the money.