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Overcoming "Context Control" Vital to Deprogramming

Updated on August 24, 2011

Master Context Control

Electronic equipment can be used to actually steer your mind in favor of seeing things in a context which would not be normally thought. I first encountered this when my stalkers manipulated my computer to play "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister. Now, when I first heard this song back in the eighties, it felt very empowering. I wasn't going to take it anymore, young people weren't going to take it. Oddly enough, THIS time it was made to seem in my mind that some unknown group of people wasn't going to tolerate my freedom. Something was guiding my mind to see free-will as an affront to these people.

These people have had their views inverted into a reverse-reality that really doesn't make any sense. "Having fun" is referred to as "stealing" as though you have to "pay" these people to feel good! No one owns YOUR ability to make yourself feel good, yet that is exactly how they make it seem. Avoiding their maddening ear-ringing crap by listening to music is referred to as "Cheating" by these people. You get constant references to "Chester Cheatos" or a "Wiley Coyote". Who gave these jerks the right to harass us in the first place? No one did, they created this ridiculous concept in our minds with the same subliminal equipment used to implant disgusting sexual thoughts in our minds.

Anything you think can be turned against you in the contextual sense. The thought of making Love to a beautiful woman can be switched around so that YOU are the woman, or the entire theme can be changed to one of homosexual fantasy. It is as though there are "thought walls" which prevent you from "going there" when it comes to many things pertaining to sex and aggression. Even worse, thoughts of a disturbing sexual nature or violent behavior can be foisted upon your mind........leading you to question whether you truly are a "good person". Mental insults that you make in your head can easily be turned against you or cause you to be depicted doing the very thing that you told your assailants to do inside your OWN MIND. The "mental weapons" which you would typically use to defend your honor are actually turned against you.

The person who has the most success is the one with the tiniest ego and little or no body-image. Thinking of yourself as NOTHING, of knowing nothing and having been not only "born yesterday", but born a minute ago is very advantageous. Foreign concepts are not easily picked-up because you don't know anything. When you get tired of whatever concept which is trying to inscribe itself upon your consciousness, remember to say: "All I know is that I know nothing". Then ask yourself when you were born and answer: "just now". Look upon the world as though you've never seen it before, doing it as often as you possibly can. This prevents you from "making connections" which you REALLY DON'T want to make. These patterns of concepts can grow on your mind like rot and lead to an inversion of your personality.

Take certain TV shows. Simply know that if you are a guy: it will be made to seem that you for some reason are the "woman" being depicted on the show. I've simply come to expect this and no longer care. It's all an illusion. Songs played over the radio at work, the speakers in stores or at the gym can be made to SEEM TO BE ALL ABOUT YOU: criticizing your views and publically-demeaning you. Try to fight these concepts and images in your mind and it is like these ideas are being pushed down your throat. The best thing is to IGNORE this garbage. To a novice, a trip to the grocery store can be a horrifying expedition into a realm of unwanted sexual-depictions in one's mind. Me, I just take my I-pod everywhere I go or else think of: myself, what I know and my physical body as NOTHING as I go about my business.

Oh yeah, focusing on "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" which comes with any subliminal attack will save you from this "contextual manipulation". Again, this weeds out people who are quick to criticize something they see or hear because that sort of attitude gets them hung up on thoughts conveying a negative or feminine self-image (if you are a guy). Impulsive people are not likely to take the time to "listen up" for this frequency that lifts you up "above the RAIN(harassment)".

There are a TON of people who think like this. By telling you this, you get to by-pass the madness and just do whatever you need to get done.......the way it OUGHT to be. Some people are so furious just to see me out jamming to my music and totally ignoring their "signs". You wonder why our society is so: antiseptic, backwards, strange (almost like another planet) and FAKE........well, that's why: direct thought-control, media-manipulation and a breaking of the human spirit through "stalking" and Electronic Harassment. People will often act more like toys or "robots" than actual human beings. Some people will tell you that they are "Aliens" and you can even experience an "invasion" which although NOT REAL is very disturbing and can lead to a temporary psychotic break. That's always the point of ANYTHING they do: to make you "freak out". Be it lies about your health, predictions of impending death, being told you are "going to Hell" or FAKE NEAR DEATH's all to get you to lose control of your own mind so that someone/something else can take control for you.

Man, they are REALLY hating me right now........which means that I listen to music constantly (even while sleeping). For most people, the level of THOUGHT-PUSHING is not at all this intense. It's something you can nip in the bud before you find yourself thinking something that SIMPLY ISN'T YOU! Just watch for it. Because if your reality is being controlled from the outside, do you even truly exist?


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