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Overcoming Toxic Texting and Protecting Yourself and Your Neighbors

Updated on April 5, 2017

Accidents, medical emergencies, and a reputation for stupidity are the consequences of those who participate in toxic texting. Due to preoccupation with sending a continuous stream of text messages to their best friends or family members, individuals who are obsessed with texting are not only oblivious to the dangers which the activity can cause but also the dangers in their immediate environment.

How do you know if your texting is toxic? When you find, yourself driving without regard for the safety of others or yourself, you are a candidate for dangerous texting; when you are so absorbed in your texting that you fall into a water fountain at the mall, check your texting habits; when you are so focused on your texting that you don’t hear the cringing noise of the police siren behind you, it's time to take control of your toxic texting habits.

Do you exhibit any of these behaviors? If so, it is time to acknowledge that you are constantly placing yourself in a dangerous condition that could end in tragedy. According to the Huffington Post, startling statics exist for those who are addicted to texting. Here are several:

  • 9 American are killed daily while texting
  • 40% of texting individual are likely to be involved in vehicle crashes
  • 341,000 drivers, (in a single year) ranging from ages 16-64 admitted driving while writing text in a single year (Schumaker)

These statistics prove that taking control of your texting is a matter of life and death. The biggest mistake is to hope to quit someday. But don’t make such a dangerous choice. Someday may never come if you do not act now.

To overcome the habit of toxic texting, the first thing you need to do is to consider your attitude toward yourself as well as others.

Take Control of Your Texting

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Attitude toward Self

Do you really want to ruin your life? Many texting individuals have already done quite a bit of damage to their lives. Some are no longer here. Many have been severely crippled due to involvement in a major vehicle crash. Others have been mentally scared due to other tragedies involving texting.

I know of many young people who have gotten robbed while texting in environments where threats of robbery and assaults were the everyday norms. The bottom line is that obsessive texting can put you in ominous predicaments.

However, you have an opportunity to be kind to yourself. Don’t waste such a magnificent opportunity to respect your unique life.

Attitude toward Others

Do you really want to hurt others? When you are addicted to writing text, and driving, your chances of injuring someone increases dramatically. Almost daily, the news reminds us that our inattention to careful driving can result in the severe injury or death of another human being.

The psychological impact of having injured or killed another person can never be forgotten. The memories will be with us until our existence on the earth is no more. In addition, the hurt and harm we cause families, including children, is almost unforgiveable.

Preventing Toxic Texting

Frist, if you really want to stop toxic texting, avoid carrying around your smartphone for a while. But If you must take it with you, shut it completely down every day until you get back home. This aspect of self-discipline will be the hardest part of all, but after you have done it a few of days, the practice becomes manageable. The goal is to get your habit under control.

Think about the possible tragedy you may be preventing, not only to yourself but also to others. If you are serious about getting rid of your texting obsession, you will be willing to do what is necessary to obtain the victory over your addiction.

Appreciate the Humanity Around You

For example, when you are driving, watch out for another motorist. Understand that you are one of the people who is helping to keep everyone safe. Get to know your neighbors, but this time, acknowledge the oneness between you and them. The truth is that everyone depends on each other for appreciation, love and protection. The purpose of everyone is to look out for the other person. This is God’s intention for humanity.

Enlist the support of others who Care

Let others know that you are trying to overcome a dangerous activity and that you need their support to be successful. Many times, an addiction doesn’t lose its power over us unless we let others know that we have the problem. the people in our lives who care for our well-being are a source of strength which we can rely on when times get hard. Their support, encouragement and sometimes tough love, helps us to kick the habit once and for all.

Once you have overcome toxic texting, you will have a greater appreciation for life. You will use your time more wisely getting to really know and enjoy the presence of humanity. You will have the opportunity to embrace a higher purpose and help others to challenge and overcome the danger of toxic texting.

Schumaker, Erin. “ 10 Statistics that Capture the Dangers of Texting and Driving,” The Huffington Post. 5 April 2017


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    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 

      18 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      Great piece filled with so many valuable points all gathered together in a an easy read.


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