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PA Labor and Union Report, 9-30

Updated on September 30, 2015

Labor Welcomes Pope

The State AFL-CIO joined millions of Americans in welcoming Pope Francis to the United States and especially to Philadelphia, where he said Mass before a crowd estimated in excess of one million people on Sunday, Sept 27.

The current Pope has been critical of unbridled capitalism, as a statement from the State AFL-CIO put it, "Americans of all backgrounds are listening closely to a Pope who puts human dignity and the common good before a profit-first mentality."

Walker Takes A Hike

This past week also brought the departure of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker from the 2016 Republican Primary field. As someone who became a darling of the American Right with his attacks on Wisconsin's public employees, Walker's departure was celebrated by Pennsylvania Labor and it's allies.

AFL-CIO President Rich Bloomingdale put it well when he said, "Fortunately for our nation and for millions of working families, Scott Walker will not be pushing his anti-working family economic agenda from the Oval Office."

Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder added, "Here is a politician that displayed the audacity to compare his union-busting crusade in Wisconsin to fighting terrorists on a national stage," and gave a warning to like-minded politicians in Pennsylvania, "his humiliating departure should serve as a lesson to politicians of both parties that working people want good jobs and good wages not someone who blames them – a lesson that politicians in Pennsylvania, who share this misguided agenda, better be aware of!"

Labor Shines Light on Addiction

On September 22, several unions joined in a forum on addiction that followed a showing of "The Anonymous People" at the Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg.

Labor has a tradition of fighting addiction both among employees and in the community as a whole. They also are playing a larger role in overcoming the stigmas associated with addiction.


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