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PA Labor and Union Report--October 20

Updated on October 20, 2015

"Paycheck Deception" Passes Senate

On October 14, Senate Bill 501 passed. This is the ill-named "Paycheck Protection" bill that would prohibit unions from using payroll deductions to fund activities.

State AFL-CIO President Richard Bloomingdalecalled it "extreme legislation" which "silences the voices of working families." State Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder said the bill "tilts the balance of power in favor of corporations."

The bill is similar to ones passed in Wisconsin, and has been a pet project of York County Republican Scott Wagner. The bill now proceeds to the State House of Representatives, the State AFL-CIO urges members to contact their Representatives to vote no on this "RIght To Work [For Less]" bill.

Put Pro Worker Judges on The Bench

The November 3rd election will be a critical opportunity to place pro-working class justices on the State's Judical Benches.

These judges will likely hear legal challenges to legislation like Senate Bill 501, though that bill is likely to be vetoed. They also will have a hand in redistricting, and may be able to prevent the gerrymandering that has made it harder to elect progressive, pro-worker candidates.

The state AFL-CIO website has a list of opportunities to phone bank, etc and a list of the endorsed candidates.


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