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PA Labor and Union Report--Sept 13, 2015

Updated on September 15, 2015

Getting Out The Vote

"Off-year" elections do not usually create opportunities to help get out the vote, but with three seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, one seat on the Superior Court, one seat on the Commonwealth Court and a special election in the 37th Senate District, there are opportunities to volunteer.

The following candidates have won endorsments from the State AFL-CIO:

State Supreme Court

  • Kevin Dougherty (D)
  • Christine Donohue (D)
  • David Wecht (D)

State Superior Court

  • Alice Beck-Dubow (D)

Commonwealth Court

  • Mike Wojcik

Arent Picks Up Endorsement

The State AFL-CIO unanimously endorsed Heather Arnet for the special election in the 37th Senate District.

"Heather Arnet is the best choice for the working men and women in the 37th State Senate District. Throughout . . . .She is committed to moving Pennsylvania forward and rebuilding our middle class by investing in our schools and our communities which are the backbone of our Commonwealth,” Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Bloomingdale said.

Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder also had praise for Arnet, "Pennsylvania needs leaders like Heather Arnet who understand that family sustaining jobs, fair wages and dignity for all workers are the key to the Commonwealth’s economic growth."

Labor Day a Success

Monday, September 7, was Labor Day. As in years past, Pennsylvania's unions were out in force. The State AFL-CIO Facebook page featured a photo album.

An Early Start on 2016?

The 2016 Pennsylvania Progressive Summit is scheduled for February 19-20 at the Harrisburg Hilton. Democratic Senate candidates Katie McGinty and Joe Sestak are already confirmed as guests, and more names are sure to follow.

Early registration is only $50, last years summit was a sell out, so registering early is encouraged.


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