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PA Labor and Union Report--Sept 6, 2015

Updated on September 6, 2015

An Earned Holiday

Monday, Sept 7, is Labor Day, in a message posted September 3, State AFL-CIO President Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Snyder took the opportuinty to remind people that this day was earned.

The statement also included a list of events planned for Labor Day in various Pennsylvania cities.

Ten Years of Speaking For Workers

On Labor Day 2005, Teamster Rick Smith debuted a radio program. The program was unique in that it was a program designed to speak to, and for, the working class. In a region as conservative as the midstate region of Pennsylvania, it seemed like a hard sell.

The program is still going strong though, and has provided a place for politicians, activists and journalists and writers to speak. When public-sector workers in Wisconsin occupied their state's Capital, Rick Smith took his show on the road.

The program may have been influential in keeping many of the pro-corporate provisions of former Governor Corbett from being enacted; chief among them liquor and lottery privatization and paycheck protection.

Standing In Solidarity

On September 1, steelworkers and their allies were in Pittsburgh, PA to show unity and solidarity with locked-out workers at plants owned and operated by ATI, and those working without contracts at ArcelorMittal and United States Steel.

A secure site to make donations in support of the locked-out workers has been set up by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, and donations can be made here.


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