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Updated on June 30, 2011

´╗┐Driving up the street´╗┐ I came across a woman begging for food to eat.

As I moved along I passed by an exhausted and struggling mother

Sitting out in the hot scorching sun waiting for the bus while she burned.

Further down I saw an homeless man

Living under the bypass

My tears began to fall, when I thought to myself I am so blessed.

Before going to bed I wondered about those three

Wondering where were their families during their of times of need.

I am not rich but I have an roof over my head

And I sleep comfortably every night in my bed

On that night I was restless

Thinking about those three

Knowing they needed me.

I know what it's like sitting in the hot scorching sun

Taking care of a family when the food level is down to none.

Sleeping underneath an bypass I have yet to come

Please sweet Jesus pass me on that one.

Most of us are just inches away of

The poverty line each day.

For many of us we consistently pray.

We pray for health, strength and hope

No longer for the need to cope.

Most of the rich only help themselves

They feed on the poor and make their lives a living hell.

I often wonder do they pray or

If they would come face to face with these people

What would they say?

Paying forward is something we all must do

We must help someone less fortunate than us to make it through.

To just help one person in need

We will plant a seed for them to survive

It is better to reach out than watch them die

A seed that will continually grow and before we know it

a World Of Poverty......No More.

Share what you possess

God will see your faith and kindness

And take care of the rest.

~Paedams. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved to Paedams

~Marvin Gaye once song

Mother, mother, mother there are too many of you crying

Brother, brother, brother there are too many of you dying

Now you know we have got to find a way to bring some lovin here today

Oh, What's Going On!


Woo ah mercy, mercy, me

Ah things ain't what they use to be

What happened to us? What happened to the days of communities coming together feeding one another by raising food together. Women sewing clothing and distributing them throughout the community for the ones less fortunate. I see so many women buying instead of sewing clothing it's ridiculous! Oh, I have not forgotten about you men! WASTE, is all I see when so many people are out struggling. Men, would go fishing or hunting and distribute the meat throughout their community. Things have not changed so drastically that we have forgotten where we come from. Our purpose in this world is to help one another; but we have gotten weak and oh do we play the blame game! Listen, these politicians (white and black) make promises most of us will never see; but, here is where common sense should take place. Politicians are wealthy or all out rich, most of them have priviledges we will never see or experience and with me that's okay. I could care less about vacationing in Monte Carlo and other exotic places. We need to get back to the basics beginning with helping someone else. I know people these days become offended when approached by others for help. For some reason, our pride stay in the way; but we are decaying and our rotting flesh has yet to be laid to rest. We cover it up with designer cologne and clothing; but, the stinch is still there.

The Churches are even no longer a place to help their fellow man; but quick to say "What Would Jesus Do!" Don't play Jesus! Jesus, walked among the poor and less fortunate.He washed their feet! He was about service! He furnished wine and food to feed many. These days you can't get a Bible toting Christian to give you the time of day unless it's for an publicized charity. They look down on someone because they themselves feel they are saved and better than someone less fortunate. Anyone professing Jesus Christ, but not loveth his own brother and sister enough to help them is..... poor in spirit and will not, and I repeat, will not, enter into gates of heaven! I am sick of these Churches running themselves like regular businesses: money, money, money, money! The Church is about God's business which is to take care of souls and those who are less fortunate. Not! Fancy building lined with gold, auditoriums so large they have at least 10 large flat screen monitors. The preachers living better than the President of USA or Kings and Queens. This is NOT the humbled spirit for in which Jesus possessed while here on earth and even today.

There is no good reason why we see so much destitution here in this country or around the world. No amount of money could buy Jesus. So Churches, why are you being bought to serve the rich man and his conditions of getting into Heaven?! I'm sick of all of you, preachers, politicians and wannabes. You want to be rich, you want to be more than you are not; but, too be rich in spirit is all you need and you will not aquire this wealth until you get off your pampered bottoms and serve the ones less fortunate than you!

~ Paedams

Copyright 2011. All rights to Paedams.


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    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      kelbethc thank you so much for your responses to American many people would be so lucky to see 47 million a month and he's whining.PLEASE! The right is quick to call someone an liar; but, they will do anything to protect their money. They will not be able to take it to hell with them and you are right....many do call themselves Christians. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO! In the Bible an rich man came to Jesus and asked what could he do to be saved and Jesus told him to give up all his riches and follow him. The rich man walked away because he was too greedy to do what was right. His soul is now burning in hell and many others like him will follow. A body without no soul is a demon playground.

    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      ......I am sick of you and the many others like yourself "American Romance!" I could care less about your paycheck and what you think of me! You are going to rot in hell with your selfish and vile ways. Did you think coming on to my page you would intimidate me! I don't scare and if you don't like my liberal ways. DON'T READ!!!! American Nightmare!

    • kelbethc profile image


      7 years ago from Rural Indiana

      I went to your pages and see that you profess to be a Christian but then respond like this to a thoughtful post about poverty, the duty of Christians and community. Wow, this is exactly what is wrong, no wonder you are angry - thou dost protest too much.

    • kelbethc profile image


      7 years ago from Rural Indiana

      wow, the hate from the right continues. You have 47m a month taken from your paycheck? Did you discover the cure for cancer? No one was whining. The point was that if the church and community worked as it should no one would have to live that way. Secondly, who is going to educate, train and improve moral fiber? I am sick of the attitude that poverty is a choice. Everyone in this country is NOT created equal and we do NOT all have the same opportunities in life. Families with children have been a growing percentage of the homeless population for several years in a row now. Lastly, donating some money to a charity is not the same thing as personally impacting a life, for example, I have taken in several homeless people in my life to give them "a hand up" - it is nigh impossible to find a job and climb back into productivity when you do not have an address, phone number, clean clothes or a place to shower. I hope you never have to find out personally what it is like for an illness or other tragedy to pull the rug out from under you. But since you are so angry and obviously believe that homelessness is a moral fault of the person who is homeless, I expect you will not ask for or accept help if that ever happens to you, you will use your "education and moral fiber" to figure it all out yourself.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      7 years ago from America

      ........and I am sick of lieing propaganda spewing liberals like yourself! I was at a charity auction Friday night for make a wish foundation, tiny town in New Mexico, they raised over 200,000! Not one giver was a whining liberal as yourself! All conservatives! In all reality NO ONE SHOULD give anymore because govt says that is why they pay 47million a month out of MY paycheck! ..........wanna stop poverty? educate,train,and improve moral fiber! .........NO OTHER WAY!

    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank You both Kelbethc and HattieMattieMae for your kind words. It's good to know others feel the same way. My prayer is this will change as well. It saddens me and I want to help, so I am going to volunteer and try and get some programs going in my church. I feel if I help just one person it will have the trickle effect and help countless others. It's time to get off the sidelines and get in the game so to speak; better yet practice what I preach. LOL

    • HattieMattieMae profile image


      7 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      Yes paying it forward is the answers. I wrote a hub on that a few weeks back! Hopefully this will all change sooner or later, but I hear you as Michigan is having a lot of problems with this.

    • kelbethc profile image


      7 years ago from Rural Indiana

      Wonderful, thoughtful, truthful post, I have said the same thing so many times. Amen and amen.


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