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Updated on October 31, 2011

....and do it; now.

It matters very much, when some Republican Party leaders are not doing the right thing. They are opposing President Barack Obama on all fronts; and if he is not a strong person, he will have given up by now.

His American Jobs Act proposal will create jobs; and they know it to be so. So, why are they haranguing the president, and therefore the nation with the unnecessary argument, that governments do not create jobs?

Of course, governments create jobs for the public and civil servants to take care of all forms of necessities, such as Transportation, the environment, and the handling of other vital responsibilities the country needs to run effectively and efficiently on.

Most of all, the infrastructure of the country is in dilapidation, and who is to fix it; but the government; hence, the American Jobs Act.

Yet, the Republican opposition in the United States Congress is kicking it around, and not passing a bill that will eventually implement its contents to put people back to work, and to repair the economy that they have damaged during their tenure. Why? editorial has written a strong article condemning those who were supposed to represent the people in Congress. They were the same individuals, who were playing games and forestalling the bill to become law. (Go read it for yourself, please.)

Excuse me to say, but there is not even a bill, although the proposal has come to the floor of the Senate just once; and Congress will not do anything to advance it, while there is such high unemployment grilling the country.

The economy is down, and suffering is everywhere you turn. Congress, though, showing up for work, but it is actually doing nothing to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Occupy Wall Street is the result of the inaction in Washington; and they (Republicans) want to blame every bad thing on the president, for him to lose his reelection bid.

Americans must not stop contacting their Congressmen and women that a bill must be passed forthwith. They must let the Republicans know that the election will come and go; but the suffering of ordinary men and women must not be allowed to remain for any length of time.

They need money to feed their families and themselves, and they must let Congress become aware of that fact.

There is a scuffle in the Republican Party now; whether Romney or Cain or Paul or Gingrich or..............etc. Nobody can tell; however, that is due to the party's own deception, that its leaders care about the people. Well, do they?

If they are not putting party before country; THEN, PASS THE BILL IN CONGRESS.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 

      6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      I wrote an article on the Jobs bill, You need to read it.This bill will not create any long term workers and not many short term workers. It would be cheaper to just write a ten thousand dollar check per household


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