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Updated on December 24, 2011

With more of them to come in 2012.

Many Americans must feel at ease this Holiday season that the year, 2011, was passing.

It has seen nothing, but arguments and disagreements in the United States Congress, causing the country to become as polarized as never before; and that there should be an end to it.

There was a sign yesterday that the country could surmount many of its problems, if its leaders were willing to put their political differences aside and begun to work together.

The ending of the fight over the payroll tax cut extension was a good example of the cooperation that Washington D.C. should need to resolve many of those problems, as a short meeting and a few phone call from the White House could make a big difference, and that nothing at all was impossible for the United States.

It was when President Barack Obama, Sens. Reid and McConnell, as well as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner decided to put their heads together, and were able to pull the measure from the brink of disaster; as they were capable of extending the life, not only of the payroll tax cut, but also those of the benefits of unemployment recipients, whose time was about to expire and Medicare docters' payments, such important issues, which were all in jeopardy.

Congress has been battling over political dogma all year long, and the country was getting fed up with it so much so that its approval rating has been reduced to almost nothing; it being only 14% on the last count.

Argument upon argument, stalemate after stalemate, differences of all kinds have gripped the attention of lawmakers, they did not even have time for themselves and to seriously tackle the problems they were sent there to deal with.

The country has been turned into a ping-pong game between Democratic liberals and Republican conservatives, and its affairs, particularly, in regard to an economy that was grinding to a halt and an unemployment rate that was going through the roof, were literally being shoved aside; and only the gaining of political points was what was more important.

The Holiday season has not come at an appropriate time for an agreement to be reached on the payroll tax debate, and for Congress to have a recess that would enable its members to sit back, relax and access what would be needed to make things better for itself and the country, as it (country) deserved a reprieve from the debacles of the 2011.

Many are hoping that they will come back with renewed strength to continue their work in earnest and in the spirit of compromise and impartiality, so that simple agreements can be reached in matters that do not need to be supported with political party ideology in mind.

The payroll tax cut extension, which has been signed by President Obama, is now law, at least for two more months, and there is so much reason and promise to say that Americans can be at ease and enjoy the Holiday season.

Peace and happiness to all and sundry.


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