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Peeling Back The Layers

Updated on October 4, 2013

When I first started researching for my Hubs entitled "What is the Illuminati" and "The Esoteric Agenda" I kept uncovering more and more layers that not only was I not looking for but really didn't want to hear; and yet truth is truth, it is what it is even if we choose not to give ear to it. We hear reports about a new world order but this world is not based on Sci-Fi, it is hard to believe that the possibility of some things could exist in a world that is suppose to be for the people by the people. If this whole 2012 thing is true in any part then how could it come about while everyone is watching. Let us agree to disagree while we peel back some layers.

If You Can Control The Money You Can Control The People.

This information may be shocking to some but all you need do is RESEARCH to uncover the truth for yourself.We as a country are slaves ourselves.We go around boldly boasting about how wealthy in riches and knowledge we are, We think of America as not only being an awesome place to live, but our protectors.America has our well being at heart or do they. Let us look at some of the things that I as an American have problems with.Let us shine some light into some dark corners and give some light.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm :

  • I.R.S. : Did you know that the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) is not even an agency of the United States. The United States of America is still a Colony of the British Government. Check out "I.R.S. Publication 6209".

NASA, FCC, CIA and the FBI :

  • NASA,FCC,CIA as well as the FBI were never a part of the United States government.We merely hold shares of stock in various agencies......hmmm

S.S.# :

  • Did you know that our social security numbers were not issued by the U.S. They are given to us by the UN through the IMF. The dictionary definition for the IMF is "International Monetary Fund: a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies"

Federal Reserve:

  • Did you know that 27%-35% of your tax money go there. This is a non-government owed bank. The Federal Reserves control all of the money in circulation. They also provide us with our money. Talk about the things that make you go hmmm. Even slavery worked towards the dreams of another; to add controversy and distraction in keeping us blindly enslaved. If we have been blind to these facts all these years what else could we be blind to, because there's more.

Are we being systematically killed off : I read on another site that population control is in order and the powers that be want a 93% reduction in the population.We're talking a 500,000,000 reduction in the population. The road taken to reach their goals will shock you; he who controls the food can also control the people. By treating every animal that is meant for food with Monosanto's Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone ( rBGH ).Codex mandated the use of this in 1994, animals injected with rBGH do not have to be labeled to that effect. This is what I found in reference to the harmful effects: Although this growth hormone occurs naturally in lactating animals to accelerate the growth process, it acts as a cancer accelerator in adults and non-infants. This hormone is associated with breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer as well as colon cancer. It is hard for me to believe that we live in a country that allows this. The Food and Drug Administration said that we do not have to worry about the milk and meat from these animals and yet lawsuits and health related issues are still coming in....


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