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PENN STATE a mistake YES, BUT...

Updated on December 21, 2017
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Pennsylvania girl, born and raised. So here goes, I feel a need to give my two cents or perhaps even a quarter's worth of opinion on the PENN STATE issue. I must begin with the fact that I do agree and understand the importance of holding the powers that be accountable for their part in this scandal. I am also aware of the devastating imprint this cover up has made on so many. It is a most serious and sadly life-changing issue that will impede lives, for all involved for years to come. I am completely sympathetic to the utter disgrace these actions made by those entrusted with the education of our future workforce and leaders has made. This horrible neglect and covering of abuses of young people are in a word, WRONG.

I am, however, equally distraught that we continue to destroy the lives of so many young people following their own dreams in the wake of this storm. I would never condone the actions of leaders who denied the need to act and act quickly to protect innocent victims. I just find it so heart-wrenching because those that were involved have been addressed. The courts have spoken; the sinner is paying his price. Those that had a part in these sins, by omission, or blatant ignorance, have met with their punishments. And JOE PA has passed from this life, his reputation is in ruin, his family and previous students are in pain.

This last point saddens me to a degree. I suppose you could say I have very mixed feelings on how this was handled. Yes, JOE PA was part of the disgrace, but he was also not the physical offender and he did much for the students and future's of those attending PENN STATE. He was also a big part of the school becoming a unified family with strength and spirit. I do not believe in any way he was blameless, but he suffered a great attack and even the greatest of sins should be forgiven. Never should they be repeated or not addressed, but, to continue to make innocents suffer is again in a word, WRONG. I find it a second disgrace to punish more young people for the fault of the older generations, errors. I also know the importance of not allowing such a serious offense to not be treated with great impact. But we are impacting the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of innocents that had dreams of attending PENN STATE. They had football dreams from the youngest of ages. They worked tirelessly to prepare for a chance to be on a football team in their college years. Now these students who have warranted a scholarship or option to further their life goals by means of football or for that matter an accredited institution is in serious upheaval. These kids deserve a chance some are affected by the loss of even the smallest of financial support. In some cases, the dream of an education is taken away if a school's accreditation is taken, as it may be the only school available to them. Why is it in any way fair to make more young people suffer? Why are we not aware that even with sin's of a part, it is possible to forgive? It is important to remember, and it is necessary to heal, and move on. This remains an issue that is damaging future lives and in a final word, it continues to be WRONG.

Our God is a forgiving God, He is the final judge and He has forgiven YOU. We can learn from HIM. We must allow the future to heal in His love and we can create a new PENN STATE once again with integrity. So many have come from this institution and they are Christians changing the world in their daily walks. Here is to hoping we allow more students to learn and grow, after all, God doesn't want us all in one place, we have work to do, for HIM.


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    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Mrsrnj ~ thank you for your comment so true no ones heart is for the offender ~

      Forgiveness is important though for all, especially for the victim ~ to not forgive only hurts the ones already hurting ~ Peace and Blessings

    • profile image

      Mrsrnj 5 years ago

      Its clear no ones heart is for the offender here but rather for healing. As with many things in life the events are painful but from them we grow and learn. Of course could the tide have turned several years ago with the admission of guilt that this criminal was caught in the act? Yes but that did not happen. I would like to think though that as a student at psu who was being schooled in educating youth that I was taught appropriately. I was taught to never be alone with a student, to act appropriately with students to keep the classroom door open etc. psu is not a bad place. A bad man lived there. Here is to healing.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Dear maxoxam41 ~

      I truly feel your heart in this writing and agree with so much of your pain and reality statements. I worked many years with children and adults and I know the consequences and painful carryover you speak of. I also must share I believe while there is a loving God, He did allow for free will and it is this will that is at work here on earth. There is also an attack of evil for every good there is a counter. I believe Bad is just good turned by circumstance. I hope you know I in no way condone any of the actions of this evil. I just hate to see more children suffer do to the action and or lack of action of others. It is not only the football program that is suffering here. It is the possibility for a young person who may have come from the very background you speak of never having a chance because the scholarship that afforded him or her an education is no longer available due to the fees to take care of the legal issues involved here. I feel for a young mother perhaps molested in her past who is able to get to this college as she can work two jobs and still go to night classes. I am saddened that with accreditation taken the opportunities of people similar to those already hurt will be hurt as well. I am pleased that our judicial system is making those that had a part in these actions accountable and making them pay for their offenses. I just want for the future young people to not be a part of that punishment. That is not fair to them. If one person in a kindergarden class sticks a pencil in the eye of a child should all the kids be kept from recess. If the teacher sticks a pencil in the eye of a child they should be fired and charged but the kids should still be allowed to live laugh and love. I agree the pain as a parent of any offense against a child would be life changing in a very profound way, but I would have to find it in my heart to forgive and not allow bitterness to take complete hold of my heart. I would not want the act of evil to win the war. I would want to show that good prevailed and in adversity there is always some good. Sometimes it is clouded and even remote but I must look for it or they, and the evil wins. I am so very sorry if I hurt you. To evoke such a response proves you have had great pain in your own life and that you have a beautiful and caring heart for the wounded. I just want you to know we agree on many points and disagree on some as I remain convicted that our God is so very pained by the actions of some in their choices to go against His word. I believe they will not only be judged here and that it is not my calling to judge them or anyone for that matter as I too have fault in my walk. I do hope you feel my sincere plea to have young people be the future focus of all learning institutions. I hope that others will only intervene positively in the lives of those hurt so desperately by these sick and sad events. I do not want anyone involved to not meet with what is deserved I just want to learn forgiveness. Forgiveness is a mighty tough thing and a daily battle for all. I do not want more hurting. I want renewal for this school not for the building but for the student body. I want the same thing for faith. It is not religion or a building that I pray for but rather the body of Christ which is the people. I pray they find forgiveness in all situations and that they find peace and ways to use the adversity or mistakes they have made for good and only good. I pray for this sick and raging world we live in and I will pray for you also, I hope that does not offend you.

      Blessing to you and peace ~

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Thank you for your comment Faith reaper. I am glad you know my heart is not for the offenders but rather for the Love of Christ to rise above the horrific pain of this situation.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      I heart your heart, precious one. It is a sad, sad, sad world we live in. And you are right, we are to forgive and to be about our Father's business. Unfortunately, the actions and inaction of others, always affect innocent people too. God bless. I hope you find peace in your heart about this, His peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      The only justice belongs to the judicial branch. Where was your god when those kids were f----d by Sandusky? How would you have reacted, had the been yours? Merciful??Children were molested by adults with the complicity of the head of Penn State. What they experienced will mark them for life. Did you know that most children that were molested either they end up in the pornography business, either they become pedophiles. Very little of them escape their destiny! Penn State has to pay for their negligence. I love football but not to the point of sacrifying children!