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Updated on August 27, 2011

Must that be so?

There must be some truths in politics, some of which are on the surface and therefore plain to see. Others tend to be emotional and therefore covert or concealed; and they are the ones that can be dangerous and detrimental to the well being of the people in a country. The latter part of this statement goes for any and all countries.

Whether the second part of the statement above is right or wrong, remains in the mind of each individual person. People have to extend how they think and feel into the affairs of society; and depending on the political goals they have for themselves, they choose to decide on what sort of actions to use to achieve them.

Partisanship, psychologically, stems from the fact that people join heads with those they think they have the same or similar ideological thoughts, be it a social club, an organization or even a political party; through which they can influence others, especially on the outside of their rank.

It is, somehow, a human trait, and it is overlooked by ordinary folks, but not those that are intellectually smart, and who know how to utilize the power derived from what can be termed as ordinary thinking, and cause events to change direction.

That is where leadership comes from; but that is also where many insufferable things are born. That power can build or can tear down; it can create support for an idea or dismantle any interest shown by the public for even a noble cause.

Demographics have indicated how people behave through the strength of thought; and social change of any kind has found its source or roots to be connected to groups, usually of a few individuals, that have been able to master the art of converting imagery to reality.

If that is not true about American politics today, then nobody knows what is. For the fact remains that, a person of a different ancestry has been given the finest opportunity to lead the greatest nation the world has ever known, and through sheer human trait, as mentioned before, his efforts are being undermined.

He cannot solve problems, due to the many impediments that are being placed in his way. Impediments that are being orchestrated by those, who are willing to use his image to convince others that there must be a better person to take his place.

No one is accusing any political organization of doing such a thing, but that seems to be the picture of President Barack Obama attempting to steer the country out of an appalling economic situation; but he is meeting with such strange and stiff opposition from all sides.

It has been that way, from the very moment of the start of his administration to the present.

One can hear statements as, "His policies are killing jobs," and "Obamacare must be repealed, for it promotes social medicine,". Or, "Inventors have chunks of money sitting on the side, but they will not invest, owing to the many regulations that he has imposed on the business world," and "Spending by his government is increasing the national debt," Or "He must be blamed for the slow growth of the economy,".

The United States Congress will not permit him to raise the debt ceiling, until it becomes too late for the country to lose its high credit rating status. In fact, the indifference toward his administration by the august body (Congress) has been phenomenal.

The country is hemorrhaging with an acute unemployment in double digits, and must corporations and businesses stand by and refuse to help? If so, why is that so?

The general attitude must derive from something that only human trait is responsible for; and the only explanation will be that he is not getting his way, because he is a minority.

That, at least, is one of the truths in politics, even in the American kind.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      That was the biggest trip around the block to play the race card I have seen yet. It was a well written hub but not really including alot of "truth in politics" Have you ever heard"where there is smoke there is fire'? There is a lot of smoke around Obama. While I give you some credit for not laying the blame a the feet of the Tea Party as the President does, but you do not explain why it is the President has to come up with all the excuses he does? Is it because he hasmade many mistakes? If it is not his policies, whose are they? If it is someone else, let us know so we will stop calling it Obamacare and rename it to who is responsible for it. Maybe its teapartycare. Oh, my mistake, they were not around yet.