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Updated on December 31, 2011

Though, they impact the world separately.

There should be no cause for alarm as China has been reported in the news today to be launching a robust plan of outer space exploitation; and the other bit of information that needed to be mentioned would be that of "Philip" the robot. (ABC News & CNN. 12/31/11).

Both pieces of articles went to show how people and nations could do adventurous things with technology nowadays, without really sweating about them; particularly if the resources were no object.

China, with its enormous economy and large fiscal reserves could bankroll its scientists and engineers to repeat what the United States did in the 1960s, by exploring outer space and putting a man on the Moon.

Philip's "creator" has been dobbed "god" with a little "g", of course; as his invention could speak and reason with humans; and there was no doubt that, as time went on, he (Philip) would be capable of doing other things that humans did.

His creation could give one the idea that there were other persons or companies having dreams of coming up with robots to do their will or wishes.

To do their will? However, that should not scare anyone in America, as robots have been seen in car manufacturing plants, where they were programmed to build cars from start to finish. Products like the elevator, the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, the coffee maker, have been around for years, and they could all be classified as being robotic, they were being used for peaceful purposes.

Yet, the outer space was different and without limits; and with no "watchful eyes", anything could go on unchecked. So, with other countries, such as Russia and Japan, having similar plans as China in future, there would be chaos up there.

With that said, the security of the earth itself should come to mind; and it would be incumbent upon the International community to get involved in all the comings and goings over our heads.

America has scaled down on its space program, not for lack of interest or enthusiasm, but it is bulked down by a its sluggish economy and a huge national debt. The good news, however, was that independent companies were picking up the reins of NASA, where they needed to.

Yet, the policing of outer space would be impossible; but the article that featured the Chinese exploration in space has this to print; that,

"Some experts say a critical gap in Chinese-U.S. space relations is the absence of regularized talks on space security, which took place between Washington and Moscow during the Cold War." (CNN 12/31/11).

People were hoping that would be brought back for all nations to participate in, as mere talks, which would not ask them (nations) to follow any specific guidelines or rules, would be better than nothing. The United Nations could then sponsor or oversee such talks.

For Philip and his machine friends, they could have discussions of all sorts as much as they wanted; and they could even have emotions and be able to produce after their kind; yet, they should not dare to take away our humanity from us.

China and Philip; they impact the world in their own separate ways; but they almost have the same effect. However, they must both be for peace.


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