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PNoy needs a Penoy!

Updated on July 1, 2012

Does this government depend on a "Miracle?"

Okay we all know that President Noynoy's inauguration was historic but I think its time to lose these rose-colored glasses and embrace the striking rays of the sun.

I think we all need to wake up from the drama and the showbiz that is the "Aquino's."

Philippine government does not equal ABS-CBN.

It's just a small lot and a fraction of the Philippine Economy.

Noynoy, stop paying your "Utang na Loob!"

More Balut and Penoy for PNoy!

The major hurdle on the track is of course Kris Aquino.

With PNoy's chicken legs and submissive behavior how would he outshine the darkest shadow that is Kris.

Who handles the recent break-up with Councilor Shalani?

Who meddles with every inch of detail and supposed replacement?

None other than the dictator and soon to be Imelda Marcos 2, Kris Aquino!

Ninoy or Cory Intercession!

Come on PNoy you can do better than all of this!

What have we heard for the past 5 months are words of encouragement, satisfaction ratings and words of praises that will eventually dwindle when they get the hang of things that everything is just a make-believe cinematographic movie of a "Tiger" economy.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I can't feel anything maybe there is really no president.

I guess we have a group of people "Acting" and pitching in for our president.

Mickey Mouse Government!?

Though this mouse is pace and too old to be chased by a cat.

Is our government just a make believe fantasy land where animals can talk and fairies & genies can grant every wish we want?

Be the Captain of the Ship!

Are we still gonna put our 100 percent trust in him in handling the steering wheel?

Is there gonna be a "Pot of Gold" at the end of the rainbow?

Or are we gonna fall at edge of the earth and live at the bottomless pit?


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    • profile image

      Shalani 7 years ago

      I wish him well