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Updated on April 11, 2016


Politicians claim to want what's best for the nation they work for. They make grandiose speeches and spectacular claims.
Politicians speak with a silver tongue and are able to find fault within every person who is running against them and who thinks differently than they do.

...and here lies the hypocrisy.

A politician is a person who is over-paid, self-righteous, narcissistic hypocrite. Am I being to harsh?

Well let us do what they do to others, and pick at their lives and jobs.

A person who is in political office is hired by the people who elect them, yet they refuse to listen to and work for us. Has any person from the voting public ever given them the green light to get a pay raise? Of-course not, they vote on their own wages.
Do we get full pensions after a few years of work and do we get our meals and travel paid for? I sure don't.

When or how often does the voting public ever have a say on making laws, regulations etc? We don't. Now of-course the politicians will say that the person representing us in government is our voice, but do they listen to us or ask us our opinion? No they don't. When we bring these issues up we are told that we voted for the person who is our representative such as member of Parliament or member of Provincial Parliament, governors and senators and so on. However, they all do what they want, because they all have their own personal agenda and each and everyone will say whatever they need to to get elected and once in they throw it all out and work on fulfilling their personal agenda that more often than not has to do with personal wealth.

What do I mean? Well just look at their income and the amount they pay in taxes compared to the rest of us.

Politicians along with their friends in big business pay less taxes (when comparing our income to theirs) than the rest of us do. Even our wages have a huge divide. Politicians are paid far beyond what they should be, and once we calculate their perks into it, what they make is utterly immoral and unethical. All the while the population or their respective nations suffer month to month.
How can a politician justify what they make every year when their nation has high unemployment, homeless, crumbling infrastructure etc?

Time and time again, election after election we are made grandiose promises, our hopes are elevated for a better and more fair future, however once the election is over and days run into weeks, weeks into months and month into years all we get are broken promises after broken promises.

Many people all over North America have become greatly frustrated and have asked if the time has come for a revolution...a change or overhaul in our political systems and start holding our governments accountable.

The governments of Canada and the United States both have encouraged and supported change of government and political leaders in governments of other countries, would they support the same within our countries? Would they be willing to step down before the next election date? The masses want change, so is it not right for them to listen to the majority of the voting public and do what they want?

Just some things to think about before you vote come the next election. Vote with your brain, not with emotion and make the right choice.

In the bible the Pharisees manipulated the public to call for the release of one of the most evil people rather than the release of the most moral, ethical, loving person. They released Barabbas over Jesus. So don't let the government and its propaganda machine (main stream media) manipulate you into voting for who they want...which is usually the worst for us and the best for them--the elite.



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