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Updated on November 25, 2016
  • Rule of law prevails inDemocracy.
  • Monistic theory of sovereignty is stated by –Austin.
  • Fascism believes in – Force.
  • The President of India is elected by a proportional representation system through single transferable vote. This implies that - MPs and MLAs of different States have different numbers of votes.
  • The original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India extends to -disputes between the Government of India and one or more States.
  • Which one among the following is a function of the Pro-Tem Speaker of the Lok Sabha? - Swear in the members of the House and hold the charge till a regular Speaker is elected.
  • Which one among the following is not true regarding the draft National Food Security Bill? - The draft Bill has been cleared by the empowered Group of Ministers of discussion in the Cabinet.
  • In addition to Macaulay's Minutes on Education, another landmark Draft is also attributed to him. Identify the Draft from the following- Draft of the Maritime Trade Policy.
  • The theory of Monopolistic competition has been formulated in the United States of America by -Edward Chamberlin.
  • Who said that Directive Principles are "aimed at furthering the goals of the social revolution or to foster this revolution by establishing the conditions necessary for its achievement"? - Granville Austin.
  • Which one of the following has enhanced its power most from the system of delegated legislation? – Bureaucracy
  • The socialist thinkers favour nationalization of natural resources with a view- To avoid exploitation.
  • Who among the following maintains that persons carried into the state their natural rights from the state of nature? – Locke.
  • According to Marx, the state came into being to-Legalize exploitation of the poor by the state.
  • Who is of the view that the sovereign cannot tax his subjects without their consent? –Bodin
  • Who said that, "State is an organ of class rule, an organ for the oppression of one class by another ..."? – Marx.
  • Which institution in a federal system is called 'Balancing Wheel of the Constitution'? – Judiciary.
  • The central point of social contract theory is that the state is- A man made institution.
  • The emphasis of Indian federation is on-Unity of the nation.
  • Who among the following Marxist thinkers has been described as 'a genius theoretician'? – Gramsci.
  • The thinkers of which country have common tendency to entrust sovereignty to an organ of the government-England.
  • Who among the following made the greatest contribution to the application of Marxism? –Lenin.
  • Who gave the view that A constitutional state 'is one in which the powers of government, the rights of the governed and the relations between the two are adjusted'? -C. F. Strong.
  • With the help of the following code give the proper sequence of different stages in Locke's social contract-
    i) Civil society ii)Government iii) State of nature iv) Social contract. Ans:- (iii), (iv), (i), (ii)
  • Who has criticized Bureaucracy for creating 'red tapism'? -Ramsay Muir.
  • 'If sovereignty is not absolute, no state will exist'. Who said this? –Gettel.
  • According to Marx 'the Dictatorship of the proletariat' signifies? -A transitional state.
  • Those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means' who made the above statement? –Gandhi.
  • "The social contract theory has been criticized as bad history, bad logic and bad ethics.” who said it? -Henny Maine.
  • Which one of the following is not a natural right, according to Locke? –Equality.
  • Which of the following countries has the beginning of Bureaucracy in the 'spoil system'? - U.S.A.
  • 'The reason why men enter into civil society is the preservation of their property'. who said this? –Locke.
  • Locke laid the philosophical foundation of the theory of-Democracy.
  • A dispute relating to the election of the Vice-President in India is decided by the –Supreme Court.
  • A socialist state lays emphasis on- Economic Security.
  • In the theory of the origin of the state political consciousness is a factor in the - Evolutionary Theory.
  • The concept of Natural Right is associated with the name of –Locke.
  • Who said that the development of art and science has spoiled man? –Rousseau.
  • The social contract thinkers want to prove that - The state is manmade.
  • 'West Minister Model' stands for a particular type of –Government.
  • Which of the following was the chief exponent of the Monistic Theory of Sovereignty? –Austin.
  • State socialism believes in – Democracy.
  • Which of the following powers rests exclusively with the Council of State in India -To recommend creation of New All India Services?
  • Which of the following is not a constitutional organ? -Planning Commission.
  • The constitutional validity of a state-law in India may be challenged -In the High Court and the Supreme Court both.
  • The thinkers who believe that 'state is an association of associations' are called-Pluralists.
  • Who has called political parties 'broker of ideas'? –Lowell.
  • The book 'A Theory of Justice' is authored by-John Rawls.
  • Gandhi lays stress on-Spiritualization of politics.
  • The chief defect of the Monistic Theory of Sovereignty is that-It is anti-democratic.
  • The Indian Constitution provides for the joint sittings of both Houses of Parliament in connection with-Ordinary bill.
  • Who wrote the Book- "Four Essays on Liberty"- Isaish Berlin.
  • The method of amending the constitution by popular Veto is found in- Switzerland.
  • Which of the following is not in conformity with Marxism? -The state is a necessary evil.
  • The Hobbesian contract was- Among men living in the state of nature.
  • Who among the following was associated with the Swaraj Party? – Motilal Nehru.
  • Neo-Liberal theory of Democracy is a-Modification of classical theory of democracy.
  • The advice tendered by Supreme Court to the President of India- Is binding on him.
  • Arrange the following in the same order as they figure in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution-
    i) Sovereign ii) Socialistic) Republic iv) Secular. Ans:- (i), (ii), (iv), (v), (iii).
  • An unwritten constitution usually consists of- 1) Customs and usage 2) Judicial decisions
    3) Statutes enacted at different times.
  • Which one of the following governments operates on the principle of 'Collective Responsibility'? –Parliamentary.
  • Constitutional Government means-1) Government in accordance with the terms of the constitution
    2) Rule of Law 3) Civil Rights.
  • "Liberty is the positive power or capacity of doing or enjoying". Who said this? –Green.
  • Lokayukta submits its report to the- Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
  • The disputes regarding the election of the President are decided by-The Supreme Court.
  • Who stated, "the Leviathan is the greatest, perhaps the sole, master piece of political philosophy written in English language"? –Oakeshott.
  • Which of the following is the inalienable attribute of the parliamentary system of government? -Fusion of Executive and Legislature.
  • Function of Pressure Groups-1) Helping candidates favourable to them in getting elected
    2) Influencing public opinion to secure its support
    3) Influencing public opinion to secure its support
  • Which one of the following offices is found only in a Parliamentary From of Government? - Prime Minister.
  • Which of the following commission was appointed to examine the centre-state relations in India?- Sarkaria Commission.
  • The most acceptable theory of the origin of the state is- Evolutionary theory.
  • Supreme Court Judges retire upon attaining the age of – 65 years.
  • First Chief Justice of India – H.J Kania.
  • Total no. of amendment in Indian constitution – 98.
  • Largest Union territory of India- Pondicherry.
  • When was the first session of Lok Sabha held- 13th May, 1952.
  • Who the first speaker of Lok Sabha – GV Malvankar.
  • Longest serving speaker of Lok Sabha – Balram Jakhar.
  • How many sessions are held in a year in Lok Sabha – 03
  • Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India – Gulzari Lal Nanda.
  • Total number of High Court in India – 24.
  • Oldest High Court in India – Calcutta High Court.
  • Which High Court has the largest jurisdiction of in the terms of states – Gauhati High Court
  • Second largest judicial complex in the world – Madras High Court.
  • First General Election held in India – 1951.
  • The only person who defeated Indira Gandhi in Lok Sabha Election, 1977 – Raj Narain
  • Who hold the record of winning Lok Sabha election with highest margin of votes – Anil Basu
  • The President of India addresses his resignation letter to the – Vice –President.
  • Which state has the largest number of seats reserved for schedule tribes in Lok Sabha – Madhya Pradesh.
  • Who is the longest serving chief Minister in India – Jyoti Basu.
  • Which state has no Panchayati Raj Institution – Nagaland.
  • Which High Court for the first time in India declared “Bandh” as illegal.- Kerala High Court.
  • Who is the chairman of Kendriya Hindi Samiti – Prime Minister
  • Right to Information Act in India came fully into force in – October, 2005.
  • Which state has the largest Legislative Assembly – Uttar Pradesh
  • Minimum age required to contest for Lok Sabha Election -25 years
  • Minimum age required to contest for Presidentship in India – 35 years
  • Minimum age required to contest for Rajya Sabha -30 years.
  • Who got Bharat Ratna Award before becoming the President of India – Dr Zakir Hussain
  • How many seats have been reserved for Union Territories in the Lok Sabha -20
  • Maximum gap between two sessions of Parliament – 06 months
  • Right to Private Property was dropped from the list of fundamental rights by the – 44th Amendment
  • Which President of India was elected unopposed –Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy.
  • Who is the first Deputy Prime Minister of India – Vallabhai Patel.
  • The Chairman and members of the UPSC hold office for a term of – 06 years
  • Who is the first Prime Minister after Jawahar Lal Nehru to return to power after completing a full five year term – Manmohan Singh
  • Indira Gandhi first appointed in which Ministry in Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Cabinet – Information and Broadcasting.
  • When and where the first EVB was used – 1982 Kerala.
  • Which Municipal Corporation was first set up in India – Chenani.
  • Nagar Palika Bill was first introduced in Parliament during the Prime Minister ship of – Rajiv Gandhi
  • The intermediate tier of the Panchayat Raj is called – Panchayat Samiti.
  • Where the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy located – Mussorrie
  • Who is the first woman Chief Minister in India –Sucheta Kriplani
  • Who is the first woman Governor in India – Sarojini Naidu
  • Number of standing committees in the Indian Parliament – 45
  • Minimum duration of stay in India before applying for Indian citizenship – 5 years
  • Under whose Prime Ministership was the right to property removed from the list of fundamental rights –Morarji Desai.
  • How many languages were originally recognized by the constitution as regional languages – 14
  • Which Union Territory has a High Court of its own – Delhi.
  • Which article of constitution give the provision of President in India – Article 52.
  • Total no. of Schedules in India constitution – 12
  • In which State the President’s Rule was first imposed in India – Andhra Pradesh
  • The Union Budget is presented in the Parliament each year on the –Last day of February.
  • What is the maximum number of elected members of a State Assembly – 500
  • What is the minimum number of members required for a State Assembly – 60
  • The German Ideology was written by – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
  • Positive Liberty advocated by- T.H Green.
  • In Marxist through the concept of hegemony is associated with –Gramsci
  • What is negative liberty – Absence of external hindrances
  • Who wrote the book ‘ Social Contract’ –J.J Rousseau
  • Who was the author of the book ‘The Economic History of India’ – R.C Dutt.
  • ‘It is the people organized for law within a definite territory ‘is state. Who said this – Woodrow Wilson.
  • The Marxian “withering away” of the state means that – the state disappear slowly.
  • Who has described politics as “acting in concert” – Hannah Arendt
  • The term ‘Historicism’ was made popular by – Popper
  • Who is known as father of political science – Aristotle
  • Who called Political Science as the Master Science –Aristotle
  • Who wrote the book ‘Republic’ – Plato
  • The Modern democracy is also known as – Representative Democracy
  • Who defined democracy as “Government of the people, by the people, for the people – Abraham Lincoln
  • Who commented that ‘ Will not force is the basis of State’ – T.H Green.
  • Political Theory is not related to – Rationalization of Political Propaganda.
  • Who has described Natural Rights as ‘Nonsense upon stilts’ – Bentham
  • Who among the following defined freedom as ‘the absence of opposition’ – Thomas Hobbes
  • Among the following who supports the idea of ‘Forced Freedom’ – Rousseau.
  • Among the following what is not in conformity with the Principle of Equality – Homogeneity
  • John Rawls’s theory of justice is not related to – Entitlement Theory
  • What is not in conformity with sustainable development – Infinite Development
  • Who called the Constituent Assembly of India as “Nation on move” – Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Which of the following is not a feature of Traditional Political Theory –Exploring Human Behaviour
  • Which state is related to “Social Darwinism” – Fascist State
  • Permanent Revolution is propounded by –Trotsky
  • “Physiocrats” were- French Economist
  • Who among the following defines the constitution as “The autobiography of a Power Relationship” – H.E Finar.
  • Who among the following advocated the “Relative Autonomy” of the Capitalist State –Nicos Poulantzas
  • Who among the following advocated the theory of Natural Rights – Locke
  • Who said that State is the March of God on earth – Hegel
  • Who take ‘primary goods’ as the yardstick for equality – Rawls
  • Whose concept of Justice was based on functional specialization –Plato
  • The theory of separation of powers is propounded by – Montesquieu
  • Who said “Family is the First School of Social life” – Aristotle
  • Materialistic interpretation of history analyzed by – Marx
  • Who among the following is associated with revival of Political theory –Voegelin
  • Who philosophized about the ideal state in his work, Utopia – Sir Thomas More
  • “Political Party is an organized body with voluntary membership” who said this - Finer
  • The idea of “partyless democracy” was projected by – Jaiprakash Narayan
  • Who said that Civil Service is a “professional body of officials, permanent, paid and skilled – Finer
  • The Marxist Theory of development is primarily based on –the theory of surplus value
  • How many principles are connected with the term “POSDCORB” which coined by Gulick and Urwick – Seven
  • The study of Political System of a country at one time, in all its contents is known as – Comparative Approach
  • The entitlement theory of property has been propounded by – Nozick
  • The three most prominent exponents of Social Contract Theory are – Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau
  • Who said this “over himself over his own body and mind the individual is sovereign”- Mill
  • Fabianism made its appearance in – England
  • “Socialism is like a hat, which has lost its shape, because everyone wears it” who said this – C.E.M Joad
  • The concept of Political Sovereignty is associated with –Rousseau.
  • Who enunciated the theory of “Socialism in one country” – Stalin
  • Who has identified State as a “community of communities” – Aristotle.
  • The most important element of state is – Sovereignty
  • “It would be the lasting benefit to Political Science if the whole concept of sovereignty is surrendered” Who said– Laski
  • “State is association of associations” who said – Laski
  • Who is the author of book “Modern Democracies” – Lord Bryce
  • Who said “Democracy is a perverted form of Government” – Aristotle
  • Who propounded the communism theory of wives and property – Plato.
  • Who founded the field theory of learning – Lewin
  • The first person who used the word sovereignty – Aristotle
  • “Will, not force is the basis of state” – This statement is given by – T.H Green
  • Who is known as the first political scientist – Aristotle
  • In which book of the Karl Marx, the statement “Religion is the opium of the people” is mentioned – A contribution to the critique of political Hegel’s Philosophy of Right
  • Who has propounded the concept of “Organic Intellectual” – Antonia Gramsci
  • India has adopted Rule of Law on the pattern of—Britain with certain modifications
  • Civil society exercises—Social Pressure
  • Who sponsored the spirit of Swaraj?- B. G. Tilak, B. C. Pal & Lala Lajpat Rai
  • Who said, “Revolution is a sweeping fundamental change in the predominant myth of a social order” ? – Neumann
  • Participation is an important element of every—Democratic System
  • In Switzerland, the minimum age for voting is—20 years
  • The Chief defect in Universal Adult Franchise is that— it leads to rule by ignorant
  • Multi member Constituency means—when several members are elected from the same constituency
  • Block Voting was first introduced in—Britain
  • Limited Vote plan is a scheme of—minority representation
  • The Realist Theory of Democracy as a critique of the classical democracy was formulated by— Schumpeter
  • “Liberalism is the expression less of a creed than of a temperament”. This statement is attributed to— Laski
  • Fabianism appeared in—England
  • Fabian Socialists were—In favour of using the profits for social welfare
  • ‘‘The 20th century totalitarianism represents an onion like structure”. This statement is attributed to—Raymond Aron
  • Stasiology means—Study of Political Parties
  • Who said that Bureaucracy is “a regulated administrative system organized as a series of interrelated offices”? –Gladden
  • Who described bureaucracy as ‘a continental nuisance’? - Thomas Carlyle
  • Theoretically, Political Science is concerned with— Nature and origin of state
  • The term ‘Politics’ was first employed by—Aristotle
  • The Functionalist view of Politics was professed by— David Easton and Almond and Talcott-Parsons
  • The Statement that “A man without society is either a beast or a God” is attributed to— Aristotle
  • The founders of Totalitarian States were inspired by— Ethical notion
  • Pluralists do not argue that—the state is an unique organization
  • Who said, “Force made the first slaves, and their cowardice perpetuated their Slavery”. – Rousseau
  • The Statement “If we look at the facts, it is clear enough that the theory of Sovereign States as broken down”, is attributed to - A. D. Lindsay
  • Which of the following is not a characteristics of Political System ? - Universality of Political Cultures
  • A foreigner can acquire Indian Citizenship through— Naturalization
  • All rights must be compatible with—Common good
  • Isaiah Berlin held the view that—absence of coercion is the basis of liberty
  • According to Marx, freedom is based on—knowledge of necessity
  • Who termed Negative Liberty as an ‘Opportunity Concept’ ? - Charles Taylor
  • The book ‘Freedom, Power and Democratic Planning’ is written by— - Mannheim
  • Marxian ideas on justice can be seen in—Critique of Godha Programme
  • Who said, “Nature and Aims of a perfectly just society is the fundamental part of the Theory of Justice” ? -J. Rawls
  • According to Dicey, Rule of Law means—(A) the absolute supremacy of law (B) equality before law (C) the consequences of the rights of individuals, as defined and enforced by the courts.
  • In Britain the Constitution grants—does not confer specific rights on the citizens


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