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Updated on December 12, 2011

Which of them must be allowed to prevail over the other?

Herman Cain, for the first time, has revealed that he is not aware that politics is a "dirty game"; however, he, as a businessman, is likely to know that it is what runs the world's governments and institutions.

It (politics, collectively) comes in many shapes and forms. After kingships and Sheikdoms, besed on clan and ethnic groupings, has evolved Socialism, Communism and Democracy.

Those have emerged from education and the civilization that has accompanied time, as man (and also woman) progresses and becomes more enlightened with his or her environments; and how to put them in their right perspectives.

One of them is that man (or woman) is a free agent; however, if he or she is going to be part of society, he or she must adhere to a type of governance, which is mainly based on three pillars, social, economic and cultural.

Of these three tenets, cultural or culture is the most important. It identifies a people, or it is what makes them a people; and it must be exemplified by a common language.

That brings us closer home to the United States, a nation born out of a vicious revolution from the British, and a grueling civil war.

Its Founding Fathers, we are told, have chosen the English language as their mother tongue; therefore any persons, who will like to emigrate and domicile here must learn and be able to use it.

In fact, most people come to America to learn the English language. It is the main medium for exchanging ideas in America, and it safeguards the culture of the nation's creators.

Of course, America is a "melting pot" of all forms of nationalities and cultures contributing to its growth and development; yet, the background of its culture must be the English language on which its foundation is built.

With the backdrop of a mixture of cultures, change is bound to occur through politics; however, the language cannot be replaced by any other, so that it (America) is able to maintain its uniqueness that has been his attraction to most people around the world.

No one is condemning any other nation or nationality as being bad or anything; or attempting to make America to look superior in anyway (which to many, it is), yet, its culture must not be altered for it to be like any other country. By that, it will lose its attraction; and nobody wants that to happen.

Retain the English language, for whatever happens, America.


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      R. J. Lefebvre 6 years ago


      It looks like 'occupy wall street' is getting a lot of attention, it would be nice if we got some quality results.