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Updated on February 7, 2012

Should that be the only way?

Mitt Romney has amassed great wealth for himself, and he was amassing much of the same for his six sons, as indicated in an article in today (02/07/12).

They now have a slush trust fund amounting to several millions of dollars; $100 million dollars and counting; and all that was coming from dear, good, old Dad; with the sons doing nothing to deserve it.

Remarkably as it was, these sons have done nothing to benefit society in all their lives, and Romney was keeping them up as a show piece of "property" that he owned.

Their father was running in the Republican Party nomination race, and beating his rivals, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul on the head with money to win the New Hampshire and Florida primaries.

However, all that money has been acquired through his high level investments in Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Goldman Sachs, Target and Oracle; and yes, he has also used tax loopholes in the United States tax code to increase his wealth, and therefore he was able to set his sons financially free for life.

As things were going in the nomination race, he was confident that he might be his party's nominee; and when that should happen, he would be the candidate to challenge President Barack Obama for the U.S. presidency.

With that goal in mind, he was unleashing part of his personal fortune into the campaign, while tons of money was being poured into it (campaign) through the many PAC organizations that were backing his candidacy. (PAC: Political Action Committees).

Yet, the actual fear was that he was passing his "skills and traits" to his children and his posterity, and when that should occur, American political life would never be the same; that one has to be rich to be able to run for political office, and that would be a bad precedence.

In fact, money played an important role in politics, and especially, in political campaigns; but that could get worse, if Americans were not very careful; as only people like Romney could afford to participate in and win elections.

In other words, vital political positions would be open to the very few in society, who could be anything, but unqualified for those positions.

That situation could not be far fetched, as people like Romney creating war chests for their families, while others struggle to make ends meet in America. Though, they the ordinary folk, might be in the military, protecting the nation from its enemies; and so, they should have a say in its affairs.

The only thing that could stop them would be lack of money, while others, who volunteered nothing to National security would be the ones to be in control of the country's business, because of what they were worth, in terms of financial wealth.

You might be saying, "that would be the day,"; yet, what was going on now was not "My three sons" television show, I could tell you that for sure.

Just keep on watching.

Footnote: Any man, who has no fear is a fool. It is only that he must not be thinking about it all the time.


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    • maddot profile image

      maddot 6 years ago from Northern NSW, Australia

      Good hub. It is very concerning when only the wealthy can run for office.. the ramifications are overwhelming. More on the US elections..please