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Updated on July 15, 2013

Malthusian theory is based on the claim that the population of the world will outgrow the food production.

Though, this theory was disproved by many but, other effects of population explosion (like child abuse) still remains as Nigeria according to the British Council is on the list of countries at risk of experiencing population explosion soon if nothing is done to control it.

To this end, this article is written to make suggestions on what to do in order to prevent this problem from befalling Nigeria.



A lot has been said in the past about birth control and family planning and yet, families still explode out of control. There are many natural ways of controlling birth that people can use to control birth and save Nigeria and indeed the whole world from experiencing the adverse effects of population explosion. I think the simplest way of controlling birth is to consistently and correctly use the condom.


Ignorance and illiteracy has big role to play in overpopulating Nigeria. a lot of people are still ill informed about the benefits of controlling the number of people you bring into this beautiful planet earth.

Even when equipped with birth control items, people still need education on how to use them correctly. I have heard a lot of women complain about having pains and complications after engaging in one form of family planning or the other and this I largely blame lack of information for this ugly and unfortunate situation.


There is this fear of losing our children to death. So, the easiest thing for some people to do is, produce more children and then allow fate to decide who lives and who dies.

If government should improve the appalling health sector of this country, and stop flying abroad for any form of medical attention, the poor masses will have confidence that death will not snatch away their children as a result of poor medical infrastructure.


Again, if standard of living and general economic standard is improved, spouses will not only resort to frequent love making as a form of relieving stress and tension. When people have money in their pocket, they can go out to see movies and visit other recreational center and not locking themselves up in the room producing children that they cannot care for.

Still on the issue of poverty, young ladies that have no means of surviving financially feel is best to allow men to abuse them sexually before rendering help to them. This oftentimes results into unwanted pregnancy. Also, if the economy is good and people get good education, at least the basic protection will be sought while engaging in intercourse.

Like I would always say let us come together to save our dearest country Nigeria. This is not going to be the fight of the government alone. We the honourable citizens of this great country have to firstly make our mind a receptive one to adhere to teachings and follow policies that the government may come up with.

Religious and superstitious beliefs will have to be taken aside and follow the right path of life. Of what benefit will it be if we have to bring in millions of children into this world and not giving them hope?

Let us use our heads and hearts and protect our future and that of the unborn generation.

God bless Nigeria!



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    • profile image

      Kamoru Basit 

      9 months ago

      I know in the future that i did know that Nigeria will Better

    • profile image


      22 months ago


    • profile image

      Chita tochukwu 

      2 years ago

      Iet encourage our selves of a better country amen

    • profile image

      nwannq happiness chidiebele 

      3 years ago

      I strongly believe that with public enlightenment,Nigeria would be a better place to live in...............


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