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Updated on September 16, 2014

Two different places.

"Preacher, preacher, tell me

what I have to know before

I die; because I am aware that

I will die one day in the future".

"Well, death is just a passing

phase", the preacher surmises.

"You may land in two places; one

is Heaven and the other is Hell".

"Much will depend on your

belief system, while you live

and what you do with your life;

how you handle it".

"You will be in a spirit world,

where there is no turning back.

So, make up your mind now, where

you want to go; Heaven or Hell?".

"One is a golden city, flowing with milk

and honey; that is Heaven. The other

has fire and brimstone that will be home

forever for some (people), and that is Hell".

"The good (person) is received by Angels

to Heaven; and the bad is hurled into

the fire and brimstone by Demons,

who are the agents of the Devil".

"If you wish to be saved, be kind and

gentle to your fellow human beings.

However, that requires a burden, which

is like carrying a big, wooden cross".

"Well, now that I am told of the two different

places, I will sit here and perspire. I am tired of

hearing the same story over and over again being

told by all preachers", the man concludes.



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