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Updated on September 27, 2011

Be civilized, Mr. C.

Mr. Herman Cain has shown his immaturity once again in calling President Barack Obama a liar on national television.

He is a man of full age, probably in his early seventies or late sixties; but the words coming from his mouth always seem so childish, people wonder why his own colleagues put up with him.

He must have a narcissistic psyche, due to the way he portrayed himself in the media, particularly, on television. One would not wonder, if he has been practicing that image in front of the mirror, and so present himself to prove to the public that he was not any less than perfect.

His words, his mannerisms, his portrayals, all seemed fake, and made him to look like an actor, instead of a politician; which he has always insisted that he was not.

Some of the things that he has said were so futuristic, if not futile, they would only come from a child; like, "The private sector is the engine of the economy, which must be followed by the caboose,"; however, people joked about that and asked, "What is in the caboose?". He never had an answer to that question.

He has won the Florida straw poll, and now, he should be considered as a serious contender for "pairing" with the Republican Party front-runners, Perry and Romney, in the party's nomination race; or so he personally thought.


However, he seemed to have allowed that wondrous achievement to go to his head, and as a result, he addressed the president by calling him such a bad name, which he would never use for other co-contenders in his party.

So, why articulate such a nasty word in reference to President Obama? Was it because he belonged to the other side of the political aisle; a Democrat?

That was wrong on his part, and he must realize the mistake and rendered an immediate apology to the president.

His utterance has come from the fact that the president was asking the wealthy people in the country to pay their fair share in taxes to help rectify the slumped economy. In a way, he was picking on them for being rich, and that constituted "class warfare".

That phrase was actually started by Cain's own party, the Republican Party; and the president was just refuting the term being applied to his economic plan.

Could just refuting a a lie be a lie? Or could refuting a false title be a lie, Mr. C.?

Cain should come down to earth and be more realistic, for he has his head stuck in the clouds for winning the Florida straw poll, which meant nothing, politically; although, Florida itself happened to be a great state.

He must stop calling people names; it is uncivilized, to say the least.


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