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Updated on August 11, 2012

He may be the right fit, but who knows?

Romney and Ryan, a team not necessarily for rewards of the extreme Conservative side of the Republican Party; yet, albeit, a GOP combination that points to where American politics is headed is dramatically in view; a slaughter house accountability.

Out of the many names for Vice-president on Mitt Romney's list for the 2012 presidential election, Paul Ryan, the Republican representative from Wisconsin in the United States House of Representatives, is his (Romney's) pick.

He is a rising star in the Republican Party and a leader on fiscal and budgetary issues. A popular choice for those in the party, who are focused on small government and the control to trim spending by any administration.

Romney has already approved the Ryan budget proposal that dealt with the extreme financial responsibility by the government to keep spending very low. That is exactly what Ryan brings to the table.

So, entitlement programs especially, namely, Social Security, Medicare, Education and other social services will be cut to the very minimum to make up for the deficit reduction, leading to a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget to bring down the National debt.

National Security and military spending will be spared, as the Defense department will always get all the attention it needs, due to the strain of war fever around the world, with the Middle East particularly in mind, and Iran being specifically watched, because of its nuclear program that poses a threat to world peace.

The economy will be based on energy production, with "drill-baby-drill" all along the coasts and in national parks to make the United State independent from the Persian Gulf oil deposits that have been draining the U.S. national treasury of trillions of dollars over the years.

All that sounds very good, but the Romney agenda will favor investment capitalists and bankers more, with tax breaks and less regulations, for the "free market" to perform properly, and so, to advance the economy and job growth.

There will be less unemployment, and businesses will expand and hire more people; but so will President Barack Obama's plan, which aims at rebuilding the middle class and raising the standard of living of ordinary workers.

With American families having affordable, but quality health care; and the country being responsive to clean energy, from solar, wind and other power sources of innovative technology for the manufacturing and service industries to grow.

The environment will be fully protected, so as the air and water will be safe for human and animal consumption. Pollution of any kind, industrial or agricultural, will be managed well under strict regulations.

Both the Obama and Biden team, and the Romney and Ryan ticket, will have their proposals geared to making the American economy strong, and national security of the highest quality; however, one will be safeguarding the interests of the wealthy more, which is the Romney side; whilst the other will upgrade the middle class, and open opportunities for all citizens to equally prosper. That is the Obama vision.

Ryan, from his background as a fiscal expert, is a grand choice for conservatives as a whole; but the question is, will he be too severe in dealing the costs of government expenditures; and thus continue to "throw grand-ma over the cliff", by advising Romney to drastically cut social services, in spite of the elderly and the poor in society?

The ambitions of the two political polarities are very simple for voters to visualize; but it will be up to them to make up their minds on November 6th, 2012, election day, as to which one to go with.

The news today of Ryan joining the Romney ticket may be pleasant; however, what about the aftermath of it in the future? The answer is still blowing in the wind.


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