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Paedophilia - Trying to understand a social affliction

Updated on February 20, 2012

Paedophilia – Trying to understand a social affliction

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Paedophilia is commonly referred to as a hate crime that has the most destructive impact on the child victims. Its very nature makes you shudder and that an adult human being could maliciously defile an innocent for their own gratification is incomprehensible.

Recent studies have revealed that like homosexuality, there is a different physiological structure in brain matter and neural connections. Studies using MRI technology researched the brains activity of both paedophiles and non-sex crime criminals, and there was conclusive proof that paedophiles are wired differently.

The abhorrent fact remains that many paedophiles believe their acts are based on love and they don’t see their actions as wrong. It’s like an anorexic looking into a mirror and believing they are fat. This affliction is complex and the perpetrator’s understanding of his thought processes vary enormously. Regardless of how the paedophile sees his actions, the victims of this crime and their families are changed forever.

Despite the moral outrage and condemnation of this heinous crime, paedophilia is rampant in society. With technology comes a new level of organisation, with groups producing both pornographic material and information on acquiring victims blatantly posted on a plethora of internet sites. What’s frightening is that paedophiles are woven into society, many of them in respected positions of authority, like judges, doctors and lawyers. This means that they have the power to keep one step ahead of the law and those who seek to eliminate them from society.

As we get older, youth is a magical and mystical quality that we have lost. We are drawn to it and wish to relive our past unencumbered lives. For men, no-one can deny the beauty of blossoming young women, with perfect bodies, skin and that exuberance for life that somehow escapes us as we age. Sexually, those gorgeous young bodies can represent a fantasy at best. But in no way can that be a reality, and that’s where normality differs from the thinking of a paedophile.

These people are so sexually driven that they have no control over the urge. It’s like an addiction that can’t be satisfied. Their thinking is so far removed from reality they live in a permanent state of denial, their only instinct to have sex with children. The ramifications of this act are only seen from their perspective, and like a sociopath they don’t relate to the pain, suffering and ultimate dismantling of a young life, that their urge can create.

Many paedophiles are attracted to underaged pubescent children, others even younger, but the one fact remains, that this crime is the most destructive and evil of any crime against society and everything we hold dear, decent and moral.

So what do we do to these souls who are not like us, physiologically or psychologically? Do we lock them up for life, and keep them away from the temptations of their diseased minds? Is chemical castration an answer? Perhaps we remove the tools of their crime but their thinking and psychological profile still remains, able to enact fantasy and inflict suffering on innocents.

Evil is the word that most describes these human abnormalities, for it is that ultimate horror that enters the lives of victims. Some survive, others will never recover, but in a world where sexuality and opportunity pervade our technological society, we must keep these people at bay, unable to inflict their malicious intent. Children must be free.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      It's an emotive issue and your feelings are noted. The purpose of a hub like this is to consider all aspects and to gain a better understanding. These people should be seperated from society because they are addicts and cannot be cured. How their propensity has eventualted is debateable; mental anomoly,anotomical, environmental factors etc. I believe all human beings have the potential of good. Their choices are as much about their ability to make them. I don't see fault as much as sadness. The fact is that they must be isolated to protect our children. And your right, the legal system has been tainted and any person of position cannot remain there with this affliction. That is purely common sense. Thanks for your comment.

    • profile image

      Donella Daddie 6 years ago

      Until you said, "Despite our moral outrage and condemnation"...

      I almost fell for that one big lie.

      The powers that be have not condemned paedophilia, in fact they have done just about everything possible to encourage dirty minded adults to carry on with sexually forced (rapes) engagement with minors. Sadly this destructive criminal activity has spread like wild-fire since our courts, our so called justice system who we have entrusted our beliefs and our morals to have over-ridden us and blatantly allowed full protection for adults that require babies for sexual intercourse. The public would be absolutely livid if they knew the whole truth, but as the court has so cleverly put it, and I quote, "It's not in the child's best interest." In other words, do not tell the wider public(the majority)about all of the high up paedophiles who cause such irreparable trauma to many children just for their own power trips.

      Anybody in their right mind would be forgiven for believing that the legal system is somehow involved in the rise of paedophilia, therefore somehow connected to it, Oh no! You we cannot possibly think that a bunch of paedophiles could have infiltrated the legal system could we?

      Next you will be saying that cold-blooded killers cannot help but kill when in fact these hate filled vindictive souls choose their own thoughts, their own destiny and sadly other peoples too.