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Revised Pay Scales of Government employees - Revision of Pay Scale-wise, salary & allowance - Budget In Brief 2011-2012

Updated on June 6, 2015

Increase in salaries of government employees in Federal budget 2015

While announcing the budget for the financial year 2015-2016, the government of Pakistan has announced increased in basic pay and pension @ 7.5%. Besides, medical allowance would also be increased up to 25%. The Finance Minster Mr. Ishaq Dar also announced that the ad hoc relief for the previous three years would also be included in the basic pays of the government servants.

Premature increment for BS-5 employees will also be allowed.

The limit of minimum wages has been increased from Rs.12000 to Rs.13000.

Special allowance of the private secretaries and assistant private secretaries has been increased by 100%.

Overtime for drivers is increased to Rs.40 per hour.

Ardaly allowance and special additional pension is also increased to Rs.12,000.

The widow or divorced daughter would also be entitled for pension till death or till their remarriage whichever is earlier.

Ph. D officers and officials would get special allowance of Rs.10,000 per month.

Congratulations to all the government servants for increase in their salaries and pensions.

increase in salary of government employees for 2012-13

  • Through Finance Division's Circular dated 02.07.2012 ad hoc relief @ 20% of the running basic pay has been sanctioned, which will not be treated as a part of basic pay. Similarly, pension has also been increased by 20% by the Finance Division.
  • Increase in conveyance allowance has been announced as under:
  • From 1-10 conveyance allowance is increased from Rs.1150/- pm to Rs.1500/-.
  • From 11-15 conveyance allowance is increased from Rs.1700/- pm to Rs.2000/-.
  • From 16-19 conveyance allowance is increased from Rs.2480/- pm to Rs.5000/-.

For the year 2012-2013 there are three proposals regarding increase of salary of Government employees.

According to the proposal No.1 the ad hoc relief allowance announced in 2010 and 15 percent announced in 2011 would be merged in the basic salary with effect from 1st July-2012. Conversely, this will result in 7% increase in salary.

Other proposals say 50% increase in house rent and 100% increase in medical and conveyance allowance.

One of the proposal is to increase the salary by 25%, 30% and 35%. Revision of pay scales by increasing the basic pay up to 40% is also under-consideration.

On the other hand, the provincial governments are insisting to increase the salary upto 15% only. They insist that it would be very difficult for them to pay the salaries of provincial staff if salaries are increase more than 15%.

However, news appearing in the electric and print media are silent with regard to the fate of special allowances, which are given to the employees of the certain Departments such like Police, FBR, NAB, Supreme Court, High Court etc.

Upgradation of Stenotypists, Stenographers and Private Secretaries

Congratulations to all Stenotypists, Stenogrpahers and Private Secretaries for upgradation of their scales. Their new scales are:-

1. Stenotypist BS-14

2. Stenographers BS-16

3. Private Secretaries (BS-17)

Increase in House Requisition - New Ceiling rates for Government Employees

BPSExisting NEW RATES Islamabad Other locations Islamabad Other locations 1-2 1,925 1,805 2,406 2,256 3-6 3,010 2,645 3,763 3,306 7-10 4,500 4,025 5,625 5,031 11-13 6,785 5,885 8,481 7,356 14-16 8,525 7,440 10,656 9,300 17-18 11,285 9,845 14,106 12,306 19 15,005 12,840 18,756 16,050 20 18,845 16,205 23,556 20,256 21 22,565 19,505 28,206 24,381 22 27,005 24,485 33,756 30,606

Upgradation of stenographers, stenotypists and Private Secretaries

According to the news appearing in the Daily Jang, Rawalpindi, the case of upgradation of Stenotypists, Stenographers and Private Secretaries has been sent to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for final approval. After approval, the new scales of stenotypists, stenographer and Private Secretary will be:- 1. Private Secretary will enjoy basic pay scale (BS) 18 instead of 16. 2. Stenographer will enjoy basic pay scale (BS) 16 instead of 114. 3. Stenotypists will enjoy basic pay scale (BS) 14 instead of 12. This action of the Government is in compliance with the direction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the Stenographers Upgradation case. In the said case the Honourable Supreme Court ordered that the order of Service Tribunal in upgradation case of Stenographers be implemented within a month.

The extract of the order of the Supreme Court's order dated 05.10.2011 in Stenographer's upgradation case is as under:-

Mian Shakirullah Jan, J through these petitions, the petitioners have chanllenged the order of the Federal Service Tribunal whereby the petitioners were directed to implement the judgment of the Tribunal dated 6.2.2010 and 15.02.2011. 2. The respondents concise statement is placed on file and office memorandum government of Pakistan Cabinet Secretarieat Establishment Division, whereby according to the respondents their grievances to the extent of upgradation of the posts in accordance with the judgement of the service tribunal has been considered, however, the final order by the competent authority is still to be passed which document has been annexed with the concise statement and is not disputed one. However, the petitioners plea is that since the office memorandum has been issued only by the establishment division whereas, the opinions of controller general of Pakistan and finance division are still awaited. It is for the petitioners to process the matter immediately and to get their opinions and then final order by the competent authority. 3. In view of the above, these petitions are disposed off with the direction that the matter be finalized within a period of one month from the date of this order. All C.M.As are also disposed of accordingly.

In the light of the directions of the Supreme Court the Government was under legal obligation to implement the order of the Service Tribunal by 5th November, 2011. However, the matter is still pending. Hence stenographers are planning to file contempt of Court for non-compliance of order in the upgradation case of stenographers. It is worth mentioning that the order of the Tribunal has already been passed on 15.02.2011 which were not challenged by the Government in the Supreme Court. This shows the slackness of the Government in providing benefits to the lower staff. Had it been the matter of a bureaucrat, the matter would have been resolved much earlier.

Budget Brief 2011-2012

Salient Features of Budget 2011-2012 (Pakistan)

The budget is presented in Pakistan on 3rd June, 2011. Salient features of the budget are as under:-

1. Total volume of the budget is Rs.2.767 trillion.
2. Budget deficit is Rs.850.00 Billion.
Relief provided in the budget 2011-2012 to the government employees is as under:-
3. Salaries of Govt. employees are increased by 15%.Conveyance allowance of the government employees of Grade 1-15 was also raised by 25%. Besides, conveyance allowance of government employees will be increased by 25%. It is also proposed that all the ad hoc allowances are to be merged in the basic pay scale for 2008. Estimated rise in salary, scale-wise is as under:-
Scale Salary
1- 1375
2- 1820
3- 1880
4- 1940
5- 2000
6- 2060
7- 2120
8- 2290
11- 2465
12- 2480
13- 2782
14- 2950
15- 3130
16- 3635
17- 5910
18- 7745
19- 11810
20- 11590
21- 15530
22- 27680
4. Sales tax rate has been reduced from 17% to 16%. However, zero rating and exemption on certain items is waived off on certain items. It is also noteworthy that the Government has already increased Federal Excise duty from 1% to 3% with effect from 15.3.2011. This aspect shows that the rate of tax is enhanced rather than lessened. There will be a scheme for rewards for sales taxpayers. The income of the corporate industrial establishments which investment 100% equity from own sources would be exempt from tax for succeeding five years. Threshold for income liable to tax is increased from Rs.300,000/- to Rs.350,000/-. For encouraging companies’ enlistment on stock exchange, the existing tax credit equal to 5% is proposed to be enhanced to 15%.

5. Salient features regarding sales tax and federal excise duty are as under:-

i. Withdrawal of exemption of sales tax on defence stores at import and local supply.
ii. Excise duty on soft drinks reduced from 12% to 6%.
iii. The value addition tax levied on commercial importers is being enhanced from 2% to 3%, which is levied and collected at import stage.
iv. Sales tax levied on cement, bricks and concrete blocks. Federal Excise duty on sugar is levied @ 8% and sales tax payable is waived of.
v. Special Excise Duty has been waived off from certain items. Duty on import of luxury cars and cigerrates will remain intact.
7. Withholding tax on commercial import is increased from 2% to 3%.
8. Pension is increased by 20% for the pensioners retired before July, 2002. Pensioners who retired after that July, 2002 will get 15% increase.
9. Upto Rs.300,000/- there will be no tax for salaried persons.
10. New scales are proposed to be introduced.
11. 15 out of 40 items are exempted from Federal Excise Duty.


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    • profile image

      Tahir Iqbal 5 years ago

      There are three type of scale, first Special Pay Scale second Basic Pay Scale with hiring and Medical facility and third type of government servant who are very unlucky, only drawing pay on Basic Pay Scale. No Medical facility nor hiring. Please do the justice about federal government servant in coming budget. My request please consider about third type of government for provision of Medical facility and hiring.

    • profile image

      Jyoti 5 years ago

      In karnataka no promotion for stenographer