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Pakistan Floods - Death and Destruction Everywhere

Updated on October 7, 2014

Pakistan Flood - Worst Humanitarian Crises

Pakistan is facing worst humanitarian crises after heavy torrential rains and flooding. Pakistan Punjab province is worst affected when the Chenab river burst its banks and flood water entered affected more than one million people.

Several parts of Kashmir are also worst affected by recent floods and rescue word is still going on. The main cause of the floods were heavy rains due to heavy rains Dams and rivers could not absorb a large quantity of water.

According to government own estimates more than seventeen million people have affected form recent floods and government has very little sources to help flood affected people. Despite high water level government rescue teams are still not able to reach affected areas and provide food and shelter to affected people.

Women and children are urgently needs medical facilities because of water born disease and lack of sanitation. Although some private NGOs are providing medical and rescue help but number of affected people are very high and every one should come forward and take part in rescue work.

Despite poor resources Pakistan Nawaz Sharif government is trying hard to face tough challenges and displacement of one and half million people. Several countries Saudi Arabia, UAE and others also want to help Pakistan and want to send goods and medical teams in affected areas.

Pakistan Flood Created Several Human Tragedies

Several villages and large cities including Multan and Jhang was also hit by worst flooding. According to government estimates only in Pakistan four hundred people lost their lives due to the worst flood of Pakistan history.

Government tried hard to save big cities like Multan and Jhang and divert the water course in some other places. According to initial assessments, government was not ready to face crises like this. Thousands of people trapped days in flood affected areas without food, water and proper medical facilities.

Pakistan Flood Hit 17 Million People

Several bridges were also collapsed and roads submerged in several feet deep water. Only in Pakistan, Punjab province more than 1.7 million people have displaced due to floods and heavy rains. Thousand s of acre agricultural land and crops have washed away and destroyed in these areas.

Due to raising water thousands of people are forced to leave their homes and now they are living in government established camps without any necessities of life. Most of people who belong to very poor community now lost everything and now seeking government help to improve their lives after floods.

Pakistan Flood Rescue Work

The Pakistan army and some NGOs are working hard and established several camps for flood affected people. The Pakistan Army and Pakistan Army carried out the most of rescue operations, including air dropping food packets’ and packed drinking water.

During rescue work two Pakistan army soldiers also lost their lives and set a good example for others. Despite third flood in last decade, government still not able to learn any lesson from history instead of helping poor people political parties are fighting between each other which is very unfortunate.

Pakistan Flood Destruction

Pakistan Flood in Pictures


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