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Pakistan Future

Updated on June 11, 2013

Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif elected third time Prime Minister of Pakistan and create new era in country long history of politics. His party got majority of votes in all provinces and now he is able to form government in three different provinces of Pakistan. Nawaz Shairf is highly educated and have vast experience of government affairs he has good relations with China, USA, Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia also.

Newly election Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif government have several tough challenges a head. Country is facing worst economic and power crises. Due to worse power crises and long hours load shedding factories are closing their doors for labors and graph of unemployment is raising. Country is also facing tough security challenges and militant threats. Due to worse peace situation foreign investment has dried-up and price of daily use of commodities raising every day which add further miseries in lives of thousands of People.

Despite tough economic conditions, worse power crises and peace conditions people of Pakistan believe that future of country is still bright. Country have vast resources of natural wealth, best brains and only nuclear power in Islamic world. Country only need right direction and sincere rulers who prepare economic and social policies according to wishes of their people.

Energy Crises in Pakistan

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Tough Challenges

Nawaz Sharif new government is facing several challenges,

Some big challenges are

  • Raising Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Energy Crises
  • Baluchistan unrest
  • Drone attacks
  • Future of former military dictator Mushrraff
  • Relations with India

Recent Party Position in Pakistan Election

Pakistan Muslim League 127

Pakistan Peoples Party 32

Pakistan Tehrek Insaf 31

Pakistan National Assembly have 272 seats another 70 seats reserves for women and minorities
and will be distributed among political parted according to their performance in recent election.

People Participation in Elections

Larege number of people participated in recent elections in Pakistan.
Larege number of people participated in recent elections in Pakistan. | Source

Large Number of People Participation

Large number of people participated in recent election and voter turn out was more than sixty percent which is considered largest voter turnout in country history. Young population of country was very motivated during recent elections in Pakistan because of their future hopes. Old people, women and young queued long hours outside pooling station for casting their ballots. Despite militants threats large number of people belong to four provinces came out and elected their representatives.

Who will form Provincial Governments?

Now Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Tahrek Insaf are main opposition parties in Pakistan National Assembly. Pakistan People Party won large number of seats in its home town Sind Province and in strong position to form government. Pakistan Tahrek Insaf won large number of seats in PKK province border with Afghanistan and already formed government in PKK with allies parties. PML N of current Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif will form in country largest province Punjab and his borther Shabaz Sharif is likely Chief Minister of Punjab.

Pakistan Elections

Election in Pictures


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