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Pakistan's nuclear weapons are in very safe hands the United States organization NTI has confirmed

Updated on July 27, 2020
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Pakistan's nuclear weapons are in very safe hands the United States organization NTI has confirmed

The Nuclear Threat Initiative Ranked Pakistan as The Most Improved In The Nuclear Security

Pakistan got the enhanced position in safety measures of those countries holding nuclear resources by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a leading US non-proliferation watchdog. The country has improved its overall condition by taking seven points.

The watchdog (NTI) said in its yearly report that Pakistan’s development in the safety, security, and control procedures category is important owing to make stronger rules and set of laws result in long-lasting improvement in Pakistan’s score as well as give sustainable safety measures advantages.

The NTI Nuclear Security Index is a public and communal benchmarking venture of nuclear safety settings on a state by state in one seventy-six (176) states.

L E Kennedy (retired) US diplomat also much-admired Pakistan’s progress in safety and security position. She said in a tweet that one welcome bit of news statement by #NTI index is that #Pakistan status as most and mainly improved in the security of those states holding nuclear equipment.

The report confirmed that most of Pakistan’s enhancements are in the Security & Control procedures group owing to its passageway of new rules. The country enhanced in the Global Norms Group.

Over time, Pakistan improved itself with 8 points in 2014, 2 points in 2016, and 6 points in 2018 because of new and innovative rules for onsite physical defense.

“It approved new cyber protection rules in the year of 2016. It enhanced its insider risk security in the year of 2018. Significant changes to its latest rules and regulations.”

In countries with capable, usable nuclear resources, Australia topped the list. Canada, Finland, and the UK got 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions respectively.

Pakistan has a well-known healthy set of procedures to guarantee the safety and security of nuclear weapons. These measures and equipment include:

  1. Physical safety measures; 2) personal trustworthiness plan; 3) technological and procedural look after; & 4) trickery and privacy. Strategic Plans Division of Pakistan Army supervises nuclear weapons procedure, an elevated level of self-reliance and confidence in the safety of the nation’s nuclear weapons.

Surprisingly, in the past years there was a general perception around the world that Pakistan's nuclear weapons are not safe and could fall into the hands of terrorists, if anyone had such thoughts, then after this report by the well-reputed US organization (NTI) has dispelled all such concerns.

Pakistan did not build nuclear weapons for aggressive or offensive use against any country but its defense. Pakistan had made it clear that nuclear weapons would be used in the event of a conflict with India. Owing to India's military superiority conventionally, Pakistan preserves the capability to quickly escalate in case of an Indian military attack conventionally.

Pakistan's nuclear weapons are in very safe hands the United States' organization NTI has confirmed


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