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Updated on January 20, 2013

The one thing that can be said about Sarah Palin is that the more things change, you can still count on Sarah Palin to stay the same. It seems like just yesterday it was 2007 and Sarah Palin came on to the national scene as the great hope for the Republican Party, then ten minutes after she opened her mouth, she became a sensation that grew to great heights.

Most Republicans loved her, the Democrats hated her and in all this hoopla, Sarah Palin showed America that she loved herself more than America did. And with the tragedy in Arizona, Sarah Palin once again chose to think about Sarah Palin first.

So, this leads to my title, IS SHE DONE YET? Has America finally opened their eyes and realized how self absorbed this woman really is? A few of her defenders will continue to defend her, but for how long can Sarah Palin blame the Democrats and the Republicans that don't support her for her own political undoing? The true victim of this week was the innocent child that was murdered along with others in Arizona and those struggling to recover from their wounds, but once again Sarah Palin proved to America that she is not now and will never be Presidential material by making this all about herself.

And only can the classless Sarah Palin say something like "I'm not gonna shut up" and get away with it.


Scandal #1. John McCain chooses unvetted candidate Sarah Palin, the family values candidate, and is quickly thrusted into a scandal over her pregnant and unwed daughter. Instead of coming clean on the issue, they hide it as not to make McCain look like a fool for chosing this candidate.

Scandal #2. The media is still reporting on the new anti-corruption running mate, when it comes to light that she's under an ethics violation for firing a state trooper for not dismissing her ex-brother-in-law from the force after a bitter divorce battle with her sister and using her office to put pressure on the state trooper. When the information gets out, the messenger, Frank Bailey is suspended. And Sarah Palin is investigated for abuse of power.

Scandal #3. The Wasilla Bible Church. She uses a graduation speech to score political points. Calling the war in Iraq a "task from God."

Scandal #4. She shows her business ignorance by building a skating/hockey rink on land they don't own and she leaves the mayors office stuck with a lawsuit and debt, but not before their "buddies" who built the hockey rink, "came over and built them a house".


Reality t.v. proved to be too much reality, even for her followers. Her two attempts failed in cancelation.

Her book, which she purchased thousands of dollars worth so that it could hit the best seller list, pretty much went no where except the clearance bin at Borders book store. The author of her "Rogue" book, has gone rogue himself. Telling all about the "gotcha candidate".

Bargain basement prices:


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  • polymathlv profile image


    7 years ago from USA

    well said!

  • profile image

    Howard Schneider 

    7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

    If Sarah had stuck to only the first 2 minutes of her statement, it would have been an excellent one with the proper tone. But she just couldn't do it. She had to make herself the victim. To compound that outrage, she uses the inflammatory term "Blood Libel". I did not know the origins of the term and I'm sure she didn't. But why resort to that sort of imagery after the massacre at Tucson. She just doesn't get it and the country can see how un-Presidential she is. She only has her base and its narrowing.


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