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U.S. Politics: Sarah Palin 2012: where next?

Updated on June 18, 2015

Barbarak Bush wants Palin to stay in Alaska

Barbara Bush has always been known for being blunt. On Larry King, she basically said that Palin was happy in Alaska and should stay there. The first time a Republican had actually had the gumption to say what they really thought about Palin; others might have thought it, but the former first lady of her party said it out-loud.

The Poweful Duo


Palin could be getting ready, but for what....

only Palin knows for sure. Palin played coy since 2008 about the possibility of running for President in 2012. Her ego if nothing else; well maybe all the money she stood to make also might have solidified her desire to be President. In 2011, Palin hinted that it was never to late for someone to jump into the race. While she looked for campaign headquarters in Iowa, she prepared her tour bus, then a shocker! Palin didn't run in 2012. Don't count her out though, she will bide her time for just the right moment to say that her country needs her and her people need her. America hasn't seen the last of Sarah Palin.

Ms. Palin's divide and conquer strategy worked so well that America is still divided today.

Lacked Foreign Policy Knowledge

Palin not so ready, some doubt she ever will be

Palin's downfall in 2008 was foreign policy. In 2010, two years later she still hadn't learned much about foreign policy and or geography for that matter. The lack of knowledge comment.....calling North Korea "our allies" just added fuel to the fire.

The Gop Turned Their Back on Sarah Palin

Just a month after mid-term elections, the GOP was done with Sarah Palin. They basically gave her a taste of her own medicine. Use 'em and leave 'em. Fresh after a day of Meg Whitman bashing Sarah Palin; commenting that Palin was unqualified to be president and lacks depth. Former Reagan employee and highly influential Repbulican, Sig Rosich said it all. "I'm not overly enamored with her; as a nationwide candidate, I don't think she is electable for a presidency." Even hinted that over time we'd see why. Then Palin fell off the radar.

How the Money Rolls

A Few Candidates Endorsed by Sarah Palin

  • Christine O'Donnell (sidestepping Palin endorsement for 2012 Presidential Election) (lost)

  • Joe Miller, ALaska (sidestepping Palin endorsement for 2012 Presidential Election) (lost)

  • Carly Fiorina- CA (distancing herself from Palin) (lost)

  • Meg Whitman-CA (distancing herself from Palin) (lost)

  • Karen, Handel - GA (lost) [campaign was pretty much bankrupted after paying Palin's "fee", although Palin did't charge for her endorsement, it cost Handel's campaign around $90,000 to fly Palin in her "private jet" and put her up at an upscale hotel and a private suite.

  • Rand Paul - KY (won)

  • Marco Rubio- FL (won)

  • Susana Martinez- NM [cost her $50,000 to have Palin endorsement] (won)

  • Sharron Angle- NV (lost)

  • Cecile Bledsoe -ARK (lost)

  • Angela McGowan- MS (lost)

  • Rita Meyer- WY (lost)

  • Todd Tiahrt- KS (lost)

  • Van Ward- IND (lost)


  • Received $115,000 from Tea Party Nation

  • Turned down the Conservative Political Action Conference that would not pay for her expenses.

  • Charged cash strapped California State University, $100,000 to give a speech

What was the ultimate goal for the Palins?

At first, the ultimate goal of the Palins' seemed to be power; however, after seeing all the money that went into the Palin household and the reasoning behind her campaigning, one still had to wonder, was it the power or the money that drove their desire?

When Palin first began her fight for what's right, it was a political issue, she said on FOX News that she would not profit from convention speeches and she would not charge Tea Party candidates to attend their rallies and fundraisers because it was all about spending the money to get them elected.

At first her endorsements came easy, then the money started to come in and the endorsements took a little longer. Most political speech makers and endorsers do not charge to help their party candidates. Even those politicians who charge fees in the triple digits, don't charge their own party.

The same could not be said about Sarah Palin, when ever she showed up somewhere, somebody had to pay and it wasn't Sarah Palin.

In the first quarter, the Sarah Pac paid out over $400,000 to salaries, etc. and $9500 to candidate contributions. She said she'd give her $100,000 speaking fees to campaigns and to date no records indicate that she ever did. Sarah Palin nor her PAC could donate large funds due to "limits".

Sarah and Todd Palin made themselves millionaires at the hands of Tea Party donations and support, because without them, Sarah Palin would simply be a Governor who walked out on her voters in Alaska and left them in debt. In 2010, thanks to them, she'll never have to work again, while her supporters will struggle to pay their bills.

Even after the BP Disaster, Palin says: Drill Baby Drill


See results

Palin's foreign policy advisor: A lobbyist for BP

He helped her on her campaign for VP and continued to stay on her payroll according to her financial reports.

Palin "Smelling like a rose"

Palin contradicted herself continuously during the election and yet she still came up smelling like a rose. A FORA. TV video in 2008 had commentators talking about Palin's future. One quipped about her being in Alaska and how she was too far away to get the world to get to know her, unless of course FOX put a studio in her home in Alaska. They actually laughed at the thought and then, Palin convinced FOX to put a studio in her home. The other guy says, Palin will be like Agnew, he caused much excitement and then blew up. How close was his prediction to coming true? Only time will tell.

Palin on Exxon Valdez

Fox takes McCain's side and dishes dirt on Palin

Pushing Hate caught up with Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's "cross hairs" web site created such a stir when it was implemented and even her former running mate defended it. An innocent child met Sarah Palin's "cross hairs" when a lunatic took it to heart and opened fire on a Gifford- D, from Arizona during a public meeting. While it has not been proven yet; the fact remains that Ms. Palin enticed the lunatic fringe with her fear mongering and divisive ideas.

Sarah Palin's website "cross hairs" was removed, too little too late. Lives had been lost and many families lives had been changed from the action of one individual who took it too far.

While Palin sat back through the 2012 elections, there have been rumblings from her camp, but will America take her seriously..memories are short, but the internet is forever.


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  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    I got a book to recomend! "What is America?" by Ronald Wright. A very good book for anyone who wants to understand the United States.

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    American Romance, I read her book too, it was a hoot...lots and lots of fiction.

    If you want to read something with substance and facts. The Founding Fathers, the essential guide to the men who made America, is really good. My son had to read it for his duel-credit class. Also, 10,000 days of thunder- a history of the vietnam war. Excellent, not too long.

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Wow ... I laughed to tears after reading all the comments. Eovery's hilarious and quite entertaining! Thanks again for writing this. (I think more than one person took me seriously here - although my Sarah Palin quotes are correct.) Our "cruel hands" are no good Abecedarian - we're gonna upset Sarah and look how cute she looks lol.

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 7 years ago from America

    I and my friends bought Sarahs book..........we certainly didn't by Obamas

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Eovery, you really need to calm down so you can so you can remember to spell check. Palin is a conservative when she needs to be and she can make money. Why is it Palin huggers get so irrate that they can't have a discussion on facts and stoop to name calling?

  • eovery profile image

    eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

    Sarah must be s danger to these liberals for them to attack her all the time. Socailist are liberals. Sarah is a conservatives for all of you screw ups that are politically uneducated. No wonder Obama was voted in by you guys.

    Keep on hubbing!

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    As I recall, the internet was fairly new when Bill Clinton ran, remember DOS and the green letters on a black screen? Also, the Clinton's raised money by writing books and actually selling them to the public, not buying them up themselves as Palin did. And why is it that you asume everyone that supports them is "white trash". Democrats are the most racially diverse group.

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 7 years ago from America

    You people should be ashamed, Power hungry? haha, I don't remember this crap spewing from your mouths over Hillary and the Clinton power machine! They were almost broke going into office and now worth millions! What kind of weak excuse for something to write about is this? Sarah Palin has taken a lot of crap from socialist white trash like all of you and suffered at your cruel hands over herself and her family! I will vote her president just to piss you all off!

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Hehe ... I am not always serious Mrs Petra ...

    By the way here is a good Bill Clinton speach if anyone has time to listen/watch:

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Must of hit a nerve, opinionduck. Bill Clinton charges on his speeches when he's "working" for himself, not when he's out working for the party. Big Difference.

  • OpinionDuck profile image

    OpinionDuck 7 years ago

    Like Bill Clinton is doing speeches at a cut rate.

  • Petra Vlah profile image

    Petra Vlah 7 years ago from Los Angeles

    I would rather call Sara Palin a fascist than a socialist. she is power hungry, she wants to control women right over their body, persecute gays, bring "her religion" to the rest of us.

    I don't get Mr. Happy point about the statement atributed to Palin and Marx :"government working for the people and not the other way around" Poor Sara Palin does not even know where Russia is in relation to her backyard and I very much doubt she has ever read anything else except the Bible

    As for the millions she is so happy to make, this is only the biginning - even her daughter got into the game and is "dancing" as a star.

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Sarah Palin is a socialist and I am sure she will share her millions soon with everyone. I heard her speak at a rally the other day in Iowa and she told everyone that the "government has to work for the people, not the other way around"; I think she read some Karl Marx. She spoke about the need of "strong leaders" and I think she had Lenin and Stalin in mind. She said she wanted to "shake-things-up" for America's future. She made me think of the Russian revolution when Lenin promised bread and land. He knew he was doing what was right and so does Sarah Palin; she tells us that all the time.

    So no worries, if Sarah Palin becomes President we'll all get apple-pie!


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